I’ve been looking forward to making duffle coats for my kids this winter after enjoying creating my first lined jackets last year (here and here) which are now way too small!




Wanting this one to last the distance, I decided to size up an age bracket by making Hamster a 3T. You can see at the sleeve I had to fold them over but I quite like the peekaboo of the lining fabric and there’s room to fit a jumper underneath when it gets colder.


The pattern is the Tadah! Duffle coat. Lauren gives you options of a quick or pro-finish. I opted for the latter on the front which meant I sewed a hood and pockets, but the back I went for the quick option omitting the double bands.


I’m pretty happy with my sewing, and in true Tadah! fashion the instructions are thorough and detailed. The only area I ran into trouble was connecting the lining to the outer along the front edge seams with it inside-out. Because you can’t flip over quickly to see what your sewing result is going to be, I just couldn’t visualise what the final goal needed to look like; so there was numerous turning right side out checking on my sewing and also consulting the Brains Trust on Facebook!


I chose a herringbone tweed for the outer and a woodland forest theme for the lining, both from Spotlight and both super cheap so this jacket, besides my labour, is a bargain!!!

The big news in our neighbourhood is the huge rocket ship recently ready for launch. My kids have been waiting and monitoring the rocket’s construction progress for months, so when we heard a child’s countdown from our front yard on Friday morning there was much excitement.


The only downside is, it has brought the crowds to our normally sleepy playground. And it means Hamster who is only learning to navigate ladders is almost bowled over trying to climb to the top control floor.


Perhaps the fervour will die down soon enough…

Better fun today was had in the winter crunchy munchy leaves.


This photo shoot I think I managed to capture the many faces of Hamster which we see on any given day. Those who know him will be very familiar with (in no particular order): butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth; cute as a button; I know I’m naughty and enjoy it; cranky, cranky cranky; and when life is good – the famous cheesy smile or the totally cracked up laughing giggles.