Not all photo shoots go like the spunky Culottes from last post. The photos from this post make my heart ache just a little bit. Moral of the story: never photograph your model when you and they are tired and grumpy.


We had good reason to be tired. My gorgeous husband threw me a surprise party on the weekend for my imminent 40th. I know, awesome right? I had no idea. I turned up unwashed in my tracksuit pants, expecting a quiet weekend at the farm retreat. Oops! He was meticulous in his planning except for neglecting to pack me a stunning “I’m 40 and fabulous!” outfit. 🙂 Nevermind, we had a great afternoon and evening, but poor Bugs has been battling a cough and slept fitfully in my arms most of the night which meant neither of us were particularly refreshed the next day. But I love photos at the farm, so I persevered with the shoot when I shouldn’t have.


Right, that’s the last of it before I can’t bear to post about my little girl so sad that she had to frolic down the dirt road in her new dress 🙂 😦


Hello Ishi! An from Straightgrain is doing a fairly solid Ishi blog tour over at her site if you want to check out some more variations. Recently launched, I was super keen to try out this pattern given it’s wonderful effect of simple sewing lines and combination fabrics. (Woops, one more sad face!)

This dress is me all over. It gets straight to sewing long simple lines, my favourite thing! With huge pockets for all those trinkets kids love to pick up.


Or for soft toy stowage when required…


Does anyone recognise Juniper Kitty? I posted about her here if you want more info.

There are a variety of sleeve options and some slanted pockets too. Another go at my invisible zippers – we’re getting there! An has done the best diagram I’ve seen so far of where to place your zipper when sewing with lining (the yoke in this instance).


The other reason this dress is great, is that it is perfect for fabric remnants. Whilst, two of my fabrics were not remnants, I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing what to sew them into, and this time I think it fell into place: The little girl fishing: emmy grace by bari j and the sleeves are Sweet and Honey by Bonnie Christine, both Art Gallery fabrics. The other two are from Spotlight;- you may remember the lime geo pattern from Hamster’s Maude jacket last year.


I think it’s safe to say I’ve been known to holler, ‘this is my favourite dress pattern!’ after every sew, but I love this one too. I hope I have many more up my sleeve!


And just to prove there was a smile in the end (maybe because it was the end!):