I have a confession to make. I went to the latest Spotlight sale and went a little bit crazy. Luckily, hubby was still off shore and had no idea the bundles I brought home. I suppose he knows now! But… One week later I was offered a chance to pattern test for an inspiring mother of four creating special things up the coast. How could I say no! So I signed up to make two jackets for my lovelies and some of my super sale choices bounced out of the basket pleading to be used. Don’t you just love the serendipity of life sometimes?


The little pops of colour in Buggy’s jacket make me smile but I knew I had to line it with red (her favourite colour) to seal the deal into her wearing it.


Let’s get down to business about ‘Maude’. This sweet fitted jacket is the latest creation from Sonny Ember Designs. It has some fun little features such as the bias bound pocket, scalloped collar and button cover (the latter a little hard to see on my model’s busy fabric. There are actually little red beads sewn on too!). The original here shows this feature much better!


The Maude Jacket comes in sizes 00-7 and can be made for boys or girls with a few different features. Check back later for my little man’s version posting soon!


It’s a pretty easy sew, just takes a bit of time if you want to add all the special features, and if 12mm bias binding is your enemy (it is mine!) you may find yourself cursing a little here and there! I actually started cutting out Buggy’s jacket at 8am one morning and finished that night at 1am. Yes crazy. I had a self imposed deadline with a house full of guests arriving a day later!


As mentioned, the jacket is lined (I used a red poplin) and the outer fabric is quilted together with a batting of your choice, in my case Natural cosy cotton.


My main advice if you are embarking on this pattern is to potentially size up. I found it a firm fit , so for Bugs I made a size 5 even though she is only 3 1/2. But she is tall!! This jacket has opened my eyes to the world of jacket making and I am hooked! Can’t wait to make more!

Now the important stuff: Buy your Maude Jacket pattern here from Etsy. Use coupon code maudejacketni before next Sunday 29 June to receive $2 off. Happy sewing!