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Darling Playsuit

I discovered sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter but I wasn’t adventurous or addicted enough at that stage to tackle the range of baby outfits that I now find myself swooning over. Next baby was a boy, so these sweet little gems with their ruffles and adornments still passed us by. So, I’m taking advantage of a slew of friend’s babies born this year to make some of these dreamy numbers.

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Troop Shirts for Baby

When Hamster was 6-months-old he had a cute blue gingham collared shirt with sleeves and button straps to roll them up. It was then I knew I loved this look on little boys and where possible I try and put him in a collared shirt rather than a knit t-shirt even if it means more ironing!

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Tadah! I made some Vinties

This is the year for boy babies. Three in the last few months in my circle! Where are the girls I can sew sweet little numbers for??? Luckily, Lauren from Tadah! Patterns has designed an awesome little Vintie overall pattern that is quick and lovely to sew. Continue reading “Tadah! I made some Vinties”

Peekaboo Bonnet


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Baby Romper


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Lovely Lil Bunnies

bunny_web4 copy

I’m a little bit behind making some newborn presents so this week I made a concerted effort to breed some bunnies!


These sweet little guys were designed by Punkin Patterns.


Super easy to make and used up some of my favourite fabric in my stash.


Somehow, my brain was not switched on (which is not hard these days) when I was preparing and I forgot to stick the two body pattern pieces together so that the body is one piece, so I have this ridiculous seam running through the middle of each (a bit evident below). But I didn’t have enough fabric to start over so little babies you are going to have to accept your flawed bunnies as they are.



By the way, those are their cute cotton tails above.

softie bunny

I’m looking forward to packaging these sweet softies up and sending them to the new precious lives in NSW, Darwin and Perth.

TOMs inspired shoes


My signature gifts for a new baby are my itsy bisty shoes. And I have made so many now I barely look at the pattern or instructions, which is huge for me! My originals were one of the first things I learnt to sew; I remember pouring over the instructions with my grandmother in puzzlement!

So recently I thought I’d expand my repertoire and take on Homemade Toast’s TOMs inspired baby shoes. Her shoes are absolutely amazing and look so inspiring. Mine were not so inspiring and it was one of those sewing projects that left me feeling unsatisfied by the end.


Compared to my original itsy bitsy shoes I found these too fiddly and busy looking for such small shoes.  It doesn’t help that I made endless mistakes the whole way through and had to re-do the straps twice to have my stripes aligned the right way! My biggest disappointment in the end was that the shoe size was a lot smaller than expected. I made the 6-9 month size and I had a hunch they would be too small when I cut out the pattern pieces. Luckily the recipient of these shoes is a newborn and they will fit her right now!

I hummed and hawed over my fabric choice and went with Heather Bailey’s Slim Dandy Pink and Melanie Hurlston’s Little Menagerie but I’m not sure these tiny shoes do the fabrics justice and I am looking forward to making larger articles to show them off. In fact I have some pants cut out of the Slim Dandy ready to sew up for the Hamster.


Definitely an easier step is to cut out the pattern pieces at full size rather than having to cut your fabric on the fold where a slight shift in material will make a big difference. Construction of the shoe has to be exact (which mine wasn’t) whereas my other pattern is more lenient having the sides drawn together by elastic, which a novice sewer like me needs!

I haven’t given up completely. I am going to try again with a larger slipper size for my three-year-old and a plain contrasting fabric to simplify the look. Stay tuned….

Monster bibs

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Sewing frenzy

Wow! I cant believe it has been over 6 months since I posted an update. Well, I suppose in that time, we visited Tuscany, moved to Darwin and became pregnant! And in the final phases of the latter, I think my nesting has expressed itself through a sewing frenzy. In the past month I have rolled out: two sets of trousers for nephews, a pair of itsy bitsy shoes, romper and softie whale for new niece, bunting and a bee tulle skirt for toddler’s 2nd birthday, four Xmas tree decorations, two handbags for sisters, a Xmas dress for my toddler, a cushion cover, and the following for my new arrival – two sets of nappy pants,  two sets of overalls and two rompers. Phew! I am exhausted and ready to give birth. See you on the flipside.

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