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Thread Faction #113 & Enid Slouch Beanie

It’s early days for me sewing knit fabric. Some people swear by it and others like me are uncertain. I’d held off for so long because of the excessive knitwear that is cheap and readily available in commercial children’s clothes. But this year I’m keen to make use of my One Thimble subscription and thought I’d try my hand at two quick sew projects.

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Little Boy Winter Pants

I do believe we may be turning a slow corner where clothes on my guys are not completely soiled after one day’s wear. We are getting a second day out of many items now that summer, sloppy ice-creams and intense outdoor play are on hold for a little while. But despite this, my little man still needs pants!

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Endless Summer Shorts

I deliberately tried to stop sewing over Christmas to relax and spend time with my family – it helped I was also in a different town to my sewing room for three weeks. Then I made a vow to tidy up a bit more before sewing could resume. But then my husband went away for a month and I decided “It’s time to get my skates on and sew my little heart out!”

kid shorts

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Adelaide Dress and Dana Made Shorts

A couple of weeks ago after what felt like months of rain, Sydney showed us how she could turn up the heat for summer if she chose to. Most people melted, Bugs and I revelled. Hamster sweated his sweet little golden head. And I decided to revisit my old stomping grounds of pre-children, pre-husband – Cremorne Harbour pool. Yup, on that 40 degree day people.

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Troop Shirts for Baby

When Hamster was 6-months-old he had a cute blue gingham collared shirt with sleeves and button straps to roll them up. It was then I knew I loved this look on little boys and where possible I try and put him in a collared shirt rather than a knit t-shirt even if it means more ironing!

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Tadah! I made a Duffle Jacket

I’ve been looking forward to making duffle coats for my kids this winter after enjoying creating my first lined jackets last year (here and here) which are now way too small! Continue reading “Tadah! I made a Duffle Jacket”

Tadah! I made a Troop shirt

Tadah’s latest pattern to be released is the Tadah Troop shirt. If you want to learn how to sew a full tailored shirt then this is the project for you. It provides a simple button-down shirt with the array of add-on details and Lauren’s awesome detailed instructions to step you through each stage. And it comes in sizes 0000 – 16! No-one misses out!  Continue reading “Tadah! I made a Troop shirt”

Wild for Denim and Leopard Print

This might be it for my Wild Things foray in this season’s KCW. Denim and leopard print pants and a ‘two’-tee in case you weren’t sure where all this spunk came from! Continue reading “Wild for Denim and Leopard Print”

A Little Sweet Fox Stepped Out of the Woods

Finally, a second KCW outfit finished. Somehow, I think this season’s theme is going to be all about little boy sewing for me. Continue reading “A Little Sweet Fox Stepped Out of the Woods”

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