It’s no surprise to the Facebook followers that I’ve been busy this weekend pattern testing a new tea party dress by Tadah!

Oh the anticipation is building sky-high!


But before spring and flouncy dresses really find their swing, I got in my last winter piece – the Tadah! duffle coat – which truth be told should have been made about three months ago!

Tadah winter coat

Where did the season go?!


Yes this jacket was meant to complement Hamster’s version that I made back in June.


Buggy’s reaction, when I excitedly first showed her my toils of the week, was, “yuk!” and “I’ll look like a boy!” which leads me to the moral of the story – never show your hardwork and expect a positive reaction when the model steps off an interstate flight at 9 o’clock at night. After some stern words from father, the next day I returned home to her wearing the jacket and a completely new and exuberant attitude.


4-years-old = fickle but so loveable all the same! 🙂

Tadah! duffle jacket

The wool was from Spotlight and is really soft and lovely.

Tadah! duffle jacket

The lining is ‘Morning Walk’ by Art Gallery Fabrics, Mojave Sand. I love it, as I wanted a jacket that could mix and match with multiple outfits and, who knows, maybe Hamster will get a wear eventually too!

Morning Walk by Art Gallery Fabrics - Mojave Sand

Really, even though the idea of a duffle jacket can seem daunting to the beginner seamstress, like most things it’s not too bad when you get into it. Just lots of pieces to cut out!


What else? Those pockets… so useful for busy hands!

I really want summer to roll on in but just quietly for the sake of the sew I’m glad we are back to winter temps this week! Did I just say that?!

Tadah duffle coat

If you haven’t heard about this jacket before you’ve got a couple of options to work with. The quick-sew or the pro-finish. To find out more about these options and to see more pictures jump over to the Tadah! blog here.


So what are you waiting for?! Sew like a pro and make your lined winter jacket!