Wild Things Hottie Covers

We recently got back from visiting my sister and her family in Sweden. In the lead-up to the trip I suddenly decided to make some hot water bottle covers, or hotties, for my nieces, thinking they’d make the perfect gift for a cold climate. In the end their house is so lovely and insulated and cosy, but the girls loved them and they are also perfect for sore tummies when you need someone to cuddle (Buggy gave them a little test drive before we gifted them!).

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Easter Mini Pals Collection

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter break filled with chocolates and a little softie love!

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Tooth Fairy Pillow with Hidden Pockets

There’s a number of events that excite a 5-year-old, one of those at the top of the list is losing a tooth! Buggy’s first tooth finally wiggled free a couple of months ago but was promptly swallowed by her while eating an apple. She didn’t notice right away – just went in for some wiggling activity with her fingers later that day to find the little peg gone!

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Mr Basil Fox

This wintery cold weather has prompted me to post about Mr Basil Fox, the latest addition to Buggy’s softie collection. Do you remember Juniper Kitty?

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Easter Activities: Sock lambs, Eggshell gardens and Easter hunts

I’ve been looking at everyone’s beautiful Easter outfits online but sadly I didn’t quite make it to producing my own this year. But, I did make Easter lambs out of socks! This nifty tutorial comes from Joanne at Craft Passion. Continue reading “Easter Activities: Sock lambs, Eggshell gardens and Easter hunts”

Juniper Kitty


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Lovely Lil Bunnies

bunny_web4 copy

I’m a little bit behind making some newborn presents so this week I made a concerted effort to breed some bunnies!


These sweet little guys were designed by Punkin Patterns.


Super easy to make and used up some of my favourite fabric in my stash.


Somehow, my brain was not switched on (which is not hard these days) when I was preparing and I forgot to stick the two body pattern pieces together so that the body is one piece, so I have this ridiculous seam running through the middle of each (a bit evident below). But I didn’t have enough fabric to start over so little babies you are going to have to accept your flawed bunnies as they are.



By the way, those are their cute cotton tails above.

softie bunny

I’m looking forward to packaging these sweet softies up and sending them to the new precious lives in NSW, Darwin and Perth.

Princess and the Pea

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Topsy-turvy Tabitha

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