I like to make itsy bitsy shoes for the new babies in my life, but with a few friend’s expecting this year, I wanted to try something different.

I found this great tutorial for monster bibs from Stubbornly Crafty. Her instructions are fool-proof and although there’s a few small bits and pieces to cut out, did not take too long. I ended up using the white flannel I had for the backing on the eyes as well, as the white cotton I had purchased was too thin and the patterned fabric showed through from underneath.

Not really requiring bibs anymore at her age, but Buggy was happy to model while the Hamster was asleep.


I didn’t use batting to pad the bib out as the tutorial suggests. Maybe I am using the wrong stuff, but last time I used batting to make Buggy a baby carrier for her Fred bunny, it lost its ‘puff’ when I ironed the finished piece. I sort of think for bibs, which have a tendency to get mouldy given the grub that goes on them, that maybe padding is not so great anyway.

The monster bibs I made for the Hamster have washed up really well. Probably, like all good sewers, you should wash and iron your fabrics before sewing (I never do and one day will come unstuck!).


And finally, the real model tries out his ‘boy’ version (although my dimensions were a bit shonky with this one and the ‘mouth’ section is a bit large). Goes with the shonky iPhone photo! SLR was not on hand!