There are some amazing examples of felt food out there – like these Japanese artworks for instance. But I thought I would start simple with pasta. Such a great project to do in front of tv when you feel guilty for just vegging!


My pasta ideas came from my favourite sewing blog of all time Probably Actually. The ravioli is very easy cutting felt into sqaures, sewing around the edges, stuffing and cutting with pinking shears. And the spaghetti even easier – just cut in strips!


I also made bow-tie pasta but for some reason forgot to photograph it!


Hours of fun for Buggy in her kitchen. And a chance to eat mummy’s first attempt at ginger bread. Biscuits turned out fine, but icing definitely needs more practice (but that’s a whole other story).


After all that pasta eating it’s time to burn it off. This is my favourite Oobi dress of all time. I love it so much I added the blue band at the bottom with some lace to give Buggy six more months to look cute as pie!