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Tadah! I made some Vinties

This is the year for boy babies. Three in the last few months in my circle! Where are the girls I can sew sweet little numbers for??? Luckily, Lauren from Tadah! Patterns has designed an awesome little Vintie overall pattern that is quick and lovely to sew. Continue reading “Tadah! I made some Vinties”

Sewing frenzy

Wow! I cant believe it has been over 6 months since I posted an update. Well, I suppose in that time, we visited Tuscany, moved to Darwin and¬†became pregnant! And in the final phases of the latter, I think my nesting has expressed itself through a sewing frenzy. In the past month I have rolled out: two sets of trousers for nephews, a pair of itsy bitsy shoes, romper and softie whale for new niece, bunting and a bee tulle skirt for toddler’s 2nd birthday, four Xmas tree decorations, two handbags for sisters, a Xmas dress for my toddler, a cushion cover, and the following for my new arrival – two sets of nappy pants, ¬†two sets of overalls and two rompers. Phew! I am exhausted and ready to give birth. See you on the flipside.

Continue reading “Sewing frenzy”

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