Darling Playsuit

I discovered sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter but I wasn’t adventurous or addicted enough at that stage to tackle the range of baby outfits that I now find myself swooning over. Next baby was a boy, so these sweet little gems with their ruffles and adornments still passed us by. So, I’m taking advantage of a slew of friend’s babies born this year to make some of these dreamy numbers.

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Maisie Dress

Finally, spring is here! The advent of the invasive but beautiful wisteria opposite our house and the new blooms on our property have spurred me on to get out and start taking an interest in the garden again. A bit of sweeping here, a bit of weeding there, and before I know it I can spend the day overhauling what’s been neglected for some solid months.

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See You at Six

Hi everyone! This week sees me part of MaaiDesign’s blog tour of her new fabric line – See You at Six!

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Tooth Fairy Pillow with Hidden Pockets

There’s a number of events that excite a 5-year-old, one of those at the top of the list is losing a tooth! Buggy’s first tooth finally wiggled free a couple of months ago but was promptly swallowed by her while eating an apple. She didn’t notice right away – just went in for some wiggling activity with her fingers later that day to find the little peg gone!

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Book Week – Alice in Wonderland

I think anyone who sews would agree we may be more excited about our children’s first Book Parade than the kids themselves! I’ve had some ideas up my sleeve for sometime and luckily it didn’t take much convincing for Bugs to be equally enchanted with the thought of being ‘Alice’ for a day.

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June Dress in August

The June dress by Violette Field Threads was released this year for the Northern hemisphere summer. When the tester shots started hitting Facebook I rushed out to buy the pattern and promptly cancelled my original plans for these fabrics in favour of the June. I think it is stunning!

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Little Boy Winter Pants

I do believe we may be turning a slow corner where clothes on my guys are not completely soiled after one day’s wear. We are getting a second day out of many items now that summer, sloppy ice-creams and intense outdoor play are on hold for a little while. But despite this, my little man still needs pants!

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Dress Gifts

I love making dresses for gifts and if I had time to make them for everyone I would, birthday or no birthday, oh and maybe one or two for myself!

This first one was a breeze because I have made two ‘big’ Tea Party dresses you’ve seen here and here, (the latter incidentally is my most ‘pinned’ project to date. I mean real gangbusters pinning! So glad it is a favourite) so this one was the same easy formula but the ‘baby’ version (from Tadah! patterns) with the cute romper attached underneath! Continue reading “Dress Gifts”

Mr Basil Fox

This wintery cold weather has prompted me to post about Mr Basil Fox, the latest addition to Buggy’s softie collection. Do you remember Juniper Kitty?

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