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Foxy Coat – Twig and Tale

Hello readers! Yes I’ve been missing in action. My poor blog has fallen behind that large psychological wall where the gym pass and last year’s ballet classes are also hiding. Most days I consider pole-vaulting the wall and addressing all three situations and then it all seems too hard!

However, I still sew and I love recording my makes, so I rummaged through some photos today and found Hamster’s Foxy coat which is fitting for today’s wet cold day.

fox Twig + Tale winter coat

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Dinosaur Coat by Twig + Tale

Winter has arrived and it’s time to get out the Dinosaur Coat from Twig + Tale that I finished making at the tail end of last winter.

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Bonfire Jacket – One Thimble Issue 5

Some years it is really hard to find lightweight cardigans or jumpers for cooler days and evenings in summer. This is one of those years, so it was great to try my hand at the Bonfire Jacket from Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns and Issue 5 of One Thimble sewing magazine.

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Wild Things Hottie Covers

We recently got back from visiting my sister and her family in Sweden. In the lead-up to the trip I suddenly decided to make some hot water bottle covers, or hotties, for my nieces, thinking they’d make the perfect gift for a cold climate. In the end their house is so lovely and insulated and cosy, but the girls loved them and they are also perfect for sore tummies when you need someone to cuddle (Buggy gave them a little test drive before we gifted them!).

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Thread Faction #113 & Enid Slouch Beanie

It’s early days for me sewing knit fabric. Some people swear by it and others like me are uncertain. I’d held off for so long because of the excessive knitwear that is cheap and readily available in commercial children’s clothes. But this year I’m keen to make use of my One Thimble subscription and thought I’d try my hand at two quick sew projects.

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Easter Mini Pals Collection

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Easter break filled with chocolates and a little softie love!

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Twig + Tale Barefoot Romper #2

This post is dedicated to my late Pa who passed away at the age of 96 a couple of weeks ago. Last week was one of those marathon weeks where family flew in from all parts of the globe for his funeral, and despite sleepless nights and many tears it reinforced to me the grounding drive of life – family.

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Adelaide Dress and Dana Made Shorts

A couple of weeks ago after what felt like months of rain, Sydney showed us how she could turn up the heat for summer if she chose to. Most people melted, Bugs and I revelled. Hamster sweated his sweet little golden head. And I decided to revisit my old stomping grounds of pre-children, pre-husband – Cremorne Harbour pool. Yup, on that 40 degree day people.

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Let’s Go Hide and Seek for Easter

Easter is around the corner.
The past week has seen me sifting through my stash looking for which pieces would be just right for an Easter dress for Bugs. Well, I found some fabric I’ve been dying to use for some time and you’ll see it soon, but that meant this lovely left-over piece of Peter Rabbit was still waiting in the wings. So in a mad dash last minute, as I am prone to do, I decided to make an Easter dress for my niece. Continue reading “Let’s Go Hide and Seek for Easter”

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