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Christmas PJs

Despite our crazy December that entails both kids’ birthdays (this year two parties!) in the lead-up to Christmas, I managed to sew Buggy’s Christmas PJs on time!

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Circus Party

During December we celebrate the two most important birthdays – my little munchcakes. This year Buggy had a circus party. She had been planning all year; I had been planning for about 4 years since I saw a circus dress on the.girl.inspired – alas the link doesn’t work now.

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Maisie Dress

Finally, spring is here! The advent of the invasive but beautiful wisteria opposite our house and the new blooms on our property have spurred me on to get out and start taking an interest in the garden again. A bit of sweeping here, a bit of weeding there, and before I know it I can spend the day overhauling what’s been neglected for some solid months.

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Book Week – Alice in Wonderland

I think anyone who sews would agree we may be more excited about our children’s first Book Parade than the kids themselves! I’ve had some ideas up my sleeve for sometime and luckily it didn’t take much convincing for Bugs to be equally enchanted with the thought of being ‘Alice’ for a day.

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June Dress in August

The June dress by Violette Field Threads was released this year for the Northern hemisphere summer. When the tester shots started hitting Facebook I rushed out to buy the pattern and promptly cancelled my original plans for these fabrics in favour of the June. I think it is stunning!

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Violette Fields Maggie Misses Dress

Drawing from my sewing archives of 2015, today I want to show you my Maggie Misses dress. I love this dress and I am surprised it has taken this long to blog about it!

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Loralie Dress

My repertoire of Violette Fields dresses is growing but not fast enough! There are so many patterns I want to try and they keep launching more! Before Beth went away, I asked her to choose some fabric and a pattern that she liked for a special dress. She chose the Loralie.

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2015 Sewing in Review and a Couple of Resolutions

It’s halfway through the month and my sewing room remains dormant. I am steadfast in my resolution not to sew a stitch till the room and the rest of the house has a major spring clean. I’ve started on the toy room and the Bug’s room. The first jam-packed boot-load of old toys, clothes and books has gone to Vinnies.

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Maggie Dress

I’m so excited to present my first Violette Fields dress! I have been admiring these patterns for the longest time and I don’t know why it has taken me this long to get started. But here we are!

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