my name is nic. i am a wife, a mummy, an ex-OT, a part-time marketer, and an amateur creator of lovely things. when i was pregnant with my daughter i taught myself to sew, just over 4 years ago now. and i am completely addicted.

i currently live in sydney, australia, but my husband and i are always dreaming about where we want to settle down; the latest idea after a stint in darwin is to return to the heat and try out tropical cairns.

i have been amazed and inspired by the thousands of people around our globe beavering away on their projects and then going the extra mile to upload tutorials and know-how onto their equally creative blogs. my non-sewing friends can’t believe this world exists online. i couldn’t believe it either, but i am so glad we are here.

i decided i wanted to be a part of the conversation.  thanks for visiting my site!