Hello readers! Yes I’ve been missing in action. My poor blog has fallen behind that large psychological wall where the gym pass and last year’s ballet classes are also hiding. Most days I consider pole-vaulting the wall and addressing all three situations and then it all seems too hard!

However, I still sew and I love recording my makes, so I rummaged through some photos today and found Hamster’s Foxy coat which is fitting for today’s wet cold day.

fox Twig + Tale winter coat

I realise my last post is also a Twig + Tale Pixie Pea coat with the Animal upgrade. And I posted just over a year ago…. Ho hum. This coat is technically not Hamster’s. I made it last winter for a friend’s little boy, but Hamster had a little frolic in it first so I could get some photos. Things really are behind!

pixie pea coat recycled blanket

I’ve upcycled this coat from an old preloved blanket – same one I made the Foxy Hottie cover with.

My gorgeous boy just had his hair cut yesterday and looks like we haven’t strayed much from last year’s theme.

A year on and his favourite activity in the park is still playing with sticks. With his dad he recently built a lean-to at the dog park out of branches and leaves. He took great pleasure in hiding from his sister in the twilight, scaring her with a shriek.

Little boys are a big delight.