It’s March and I know we’re on borrowed time with the weather, because technically it’s Autumn, even though the days are still warm. Each weekend I have been scrambling to get us out doing ‘summery things’ before the chill in the air arrives and swimming is off the agenda for another year. So in a last salute to my favourite season, I show you our Makana Mermaid Tail which was included as a pattern in One Thimble’s Issue 16 magazine.

makana mermaid tail tadah patterns

This pattern is super, super easy and even the sequins were not too troublesome, although I may have forgotten any disquiet now I am basking in the joy of the finished product. The pattern designed by Tadah Sewing, also gives you the option of some quilting techniques for the tail piece, but I didn’t bother as I figured it would be lost in the sequins.

tadah tea party crop top

For Buggy’s mermaid top I used the Tadah Tea Party dress pattern, sewing only the bodice as a crop top with a slightly shorter length than the pattern provides. Because my fabric is knit, I didn’t need to cut the back in two pieces and have a fastening, and it is easy enough to slip on over her head.

makana mermaid tail tadah tea party bodice

This top has become an all time favourite, being worn secretly under her school dress or to bed! You’re only young once!

mermaid tail pattern

I loved this edition of One Thimble – mermaid patterns galore: sleeping bags (which I have sewn already), softies, and free motion applique patterns for outfits or furnishings; a couple of summer dresses for kids and mums alike, and summery pants for boys which I’ve bought my fabric for but will be making for next year!

makana mermaid tail skirt pattern

But this skirt was so fun to sew because I don’t think we’ve got too much time left in the dress up phase for my Bug. The boxes and racks of princess outfits and accessories get ransacked less and less, while my shoe cupboard gets a work out more and more!

one thimble issue 16 patterns

On the other hand, Hamster is still regularly living out his fantasy as Captain Jack Sparrow. So the real reason to sew Buggy’s mermaid tail was to fit into the pirate and mermaid party that occurred just before Xmas.

pirate mermaid party

Did you know that pirate mermaids existed? Apparently, they do!

pirate mermaid costume

In fact I sewed two Makana Tails and Tea Party tops for the occasion!

makana mermaid tail pattern party costume

We had so much fun especially on the cake construction the night before, holding together the treasure chest with tooth picks in the humidity! You’re only 5 once!

pirate cake