Some years it is really hard to find lightweight cardigans or jumpers for cooler days and evenings in summer. This is one of those years, so it was great to try my hand at the Bonfire Jacket from Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns and Issue 5 of One Thimble sewing magazine.

bonfire jacket

I bought the fox Bambiblauw panel from maaidesign a while ago now so it was time to put it to good use! Do you remember the Bambi panel dress I made? I have one more panel in my stash to sew – the giraffe! It’s a woven panel and giraffes are Buggy’s favourite, but I haven’t been convinced about the colour yet…  Anyway back to foxy!

bonfire jacket fox print

The Bonfire jacket pattern is made for sizes 1-12 and is rated an intermediate sew. I’m still pretty new to knit and my skills are still not great. Looking inside this jacket is a montage of methods of how to sew knit together! I tried a bit of everything and still don’t have a clear preference.

bonfire jacket knit cardigan

I know many people claim they love using the overlocker to sew knit together in no time, but invariably one of the pieces in my outfit slips and then I’ve got gaps and frustration. (Love a good seam allowance in regular ol’ woven sewing.)

bonfire jacket one thimble magazine issue 5

I’m also still working with metal snaps and the hammer-in method, so I could not get them through the thick button tab at the bottom and had to resort to a little piece of velcro! I think I am a step closer to buying Kam snaps and the infamous ‘green machine’!

ainslee fox boutique pattern

Still, all the pieces came together and my little guy loves wearing it, so I am really happy with the result!

Buggy has got Hamster watching the Barbie series on Netflix recently. It’s actually strangely addictive even for me! And this is the line he pulls out for me during this photo shoot, “hey girls get a load of this!”

He’s got ‘cheesy’ down pat, so I couldn’t finish without a few more from his repertoire!