Twig + Tale has introduced me to the soothing art of embroidery. I love that a hobby like sewing can keep on giving as my skills develop and my focus changes as I become exposed to new styles and techniques. I had clumped embroidery and cross stitch and tapestry into the same bag, thinking it was dated and time consuming and not my thing. But seeing everyone’s makes in the Twig + Tale Chat FB group I realised there was an avenue for me that is whimsical and relaxed, adding sweet detail to sewn garments.

twig + tale pixie hat embroidery

And so it is, that on some recent long haul flights to Bali and Milan this year, I packed a little kit with me to work on my first embroidery projects. The others I will share in a later post.

twig + tale pixie hat dandelion embroidery

I simply love the dandelion pattern in all its simplicity but striking effect. And what better to put it on than the Twig + Tale Pixie hat. My only regret is that I didn’t stumble across this beautiful designer sooner as her patterns are delicious on tiny people.

twig + tale pixie hat and driftwood blouse

The hat is made from a grey wool outer and silky poplin liner (which has the most amazing colour combination, but you have to look closely in the leading image of this story to see it!). Then there is a thick tapestry wool around the edge to topstitch it all together. A super quick sew!

twig + tale pixie hat

This hat pairs perfectly with the recently released Driftwood Blouse. Buggy is shying away from pink (did I think this day would ever come!) but she seemed to agree to this sweet pink floral thankfully because I just love it.

twig + tale driftwood blouse floral fabric

I made the long sleeve version but there are oodles of options with ruffle collar options, numerous neckline options for closure front or back, short sleeves, elastic or gathered cuffs, side pockets and a dress version! Yep, one of those patterns which is more than value for money.

twig + tale driftwood blouse

The floral fabric is nothing special brand-wise, but it has a slight stiffness to it which seems to be resistant to crinkles and that means it’s made the cut for Buggy’s wardrobe for our upcoming trip to Sweden!

This was a rather interesting photo shoot. When possible I like to take photos at our folk’s weekender farm above (now we have a drone we can get these cool aerial and front of house shots). For obvious reasons the setting suits Twig + Tale patterns particularly.

driftwood blouse pattern for girls

Down a hill beyond the house and barn, is a large paddock where the cows roam and the creek flows. At this time of year it is rather boggy – in the right corner of the photo above you can see some of the bog and why Buggy is going for a hand-hold on the barbed wire fence!

twig + tale driftwood blouse pattern for girls

The cows unfortunately are very curious about Bert our dog. So curious they like to charge at him at pace. At one point the kids had walked over the bridge with Bert and were separated from me. In an instant the largest cow charged Bert who was standing by Hamster. He got the fright of his life and started screaming.

Let’s face it, the kids and I are city folk. I was freaked as well and was shouting at hubby and my folks who were chainsawing to get Bert brought away from us. From nowhere I gained supersonic strength and where previously I had been picking my way cautiously through bog, I leaped over the creek, hoisted Hamster on one hip and bounded back to safety! Heroic stuff.

twig + tale driftwood blouse

With Bert called away finally, I was happy to continue the photo shoot but poor Hamster was rattled and cried the rest of the journey. A little while later and a few metres away from the photo above, Buggy spotted a red belly black snake and that called the end of our adventure. I decided we had had enough excitement for one day and back to the house we went. Perfect timing, mum had just baked a cake and had a mixing bowl for the kids to lick clean!