I sewed a zipper fly! (Greatest claim to fame for 2017)
But it was momentous, mostly because I snipped it off by accident 5 minutes after it was sewn in! Let me explain…

dax pants one thimble #15

These little beauties were sewn from the tailored pants pattern featured in One Thimble magazine Issue 15. They are the Dax Trousers by Gracious Threads. I’m no stranger to a back welt pocket given I’ve made a few Clean Slate Pants, you can see one pair here, and I might be especially fond of a houndstooth fabric on a little boy as seen here. So it was time to revisit two of my favourite things with a new pattern that goes a step further with a fly in the front.

dax pants welt pocket

Jess from Gracious Threads gives you the option to download her extended tutorial for the fly installation which I highly recommend. I made these pants a couple of months ago and when I stalled on the tutorial download, the whole project stalled till I got my act together to dive in and give the fly a go.

There are A LOT of steps, for really a little feature that is not totally necessary on little boy pants when you are still using elastic in the back, but I was glad to give it a go and do love the finished look above that make his pants so grown up.

boys tailored pants pattern

The problem for me occurred here: when you install the zip, there is a large overhang at the top. When Jess tells you to cut the overhang off, be sure to move the zip pull down into the section you are not cutting off. Just sayin…

dax pants one thimble sewing magazine

I didn’t have the heart to go back and pull it all apart and re-insert another zip (remember those A LOT of steps I mentioned) so I now have a beautiful tailored pair of pants with a zip sewn in that can never be used. If you look it’s there, but if you look close at the images above, I ended up sewing the waistband around and adding the button for looks rather than function. Oh well, perhaps second one might be a charm!

one thimble freebies

Oh by the way, these cute little props are a freebie with Issue 15 when you subscribe. Jen always adds a little cute gift for the subscribers, so get subscribing!

Right. Now we’ve discussed the sewing, let’s get on with the boss baby photo shoot! This is really the reason Hamster was eager to wear these pants (oh and he’d eyed this outfit up as a possible wedding outfit to Maddie), he loves the movie Boss Baby. And let’s face it, he’s the boss baby in our family and knows it. I’m just gonna let these photos roll because I can’t get enough of the spunk of this kid! (There was a fair bit of air guitar going on as well)

dax trousers pattern

dax trousers pattern

dax trousers pattern

tailored pants for boys pattern

And then one of my favourites, when I asked him to put his hands on his hips:

hands on hips

Finally a little triple montage that really sums up our Hamster:

My Storm Clouds, My Sunshine, My Charmer

dax pants

tailored trousers pattern young boy

dax pants gracious threads