Hamster’s preschool changed hands at the beginning of this year and the new owner has instigated a lot of new programs and activities. On a hot summer day as we drove back from the beach, I read out an exhaustive list of celebrations that would take place this year. Hubby made me pause at the International Day; and just as I was imagining making my little blondie a pair of sweet lederhosen or some such thing he exclaimed I needed to make Hamster a kilt and represent his heritage. Of course!

scottish kilt for kids

The date swung around in no time and I found myself with little time to pull off this project. As luck would have it, sewing magazine One Thimble #15 had recently been published and the perfect patterns spoke to me: the Miriam skirt and the Thread Faction #115 Pom Pom Beret.

pom pom beret pattern

I just LOVE this beret, ahem… or do we need to call it a tamoshanter…. I love that it looks super impressive but took no time to sew including the awesome faux fur pom pom. It also helps speed the project if you don’t wait till morning and simply wind the tape measure round the head of your sleeping model! (And side note for the Scottish folk reading, I know the pom pom should be red, but I didn’t have any red wool on me at the 11th hour, and the fur looks way better! Just sayin…)

miriam skirt

I had looked around for ‘proper’ kilt patterns but when I saw the Miriam skirt pattern I thought it would be more than adequate to provide the necessary pleats but with far less fabric and an easy side zipper for access. And with a kilt pin and Dad’s sporran, he looked the part!

miriam skirt pleated pattern

Ok so there was a bit of convincing Hamster that he was not wearing a ‘skirt’ but that big burly, tough as nails Scotsmen really do/did wear these outfits. A few YouTube clips from Braveheart and we were good to go! So much so, he wore his outfit to Preschool, did his show and tell, and then refused to take it off the rest of the day. That is a WIN people!!

scottish kilt outfit for kids

I made the size 4 in the Miriam skirt but added a tonne of length. How much? I’m not really sure. I placed some of his shorts on top to gauge where his knees might fall and took a punt. It’s that sort of accuracy that goes on in my sewing room!

I am looking forward to making this skirt again at its proper preppy length for Buggy.

Don’t you just love that wave? It was 7am in front of the neighbours’ garage and Hamster thought that was the appropriate gesture for photos with only me around as an audience. I love it. My little royalty!

one thimble issue 15 pom pom beret and miriam skirt

I wonder if his girlfriend liked the ensemble? Yes, it seems that not only do they role play post-offices and grocery shopping and fire stations at preschool, they also adopt boyfriends and girlfriends. Hamster has had ‘M’ as his girlfriend for a few months now. Here is the conversation between him and his dad recently:

Dad: So how do you know she’s your girlfriend?

Hamster: She told me. (good boy, listening to and obeying a woman already)

Dad: Well, what do you like about her?

Hamster: She’s kind. (Hopefully he keeps this trait top of the list when looking for a partner)

pom pom tamoshanter pattern

I’m sure at 4-years-old said girlfriend hasn’t noticed those eyes, but I know one day there will be a lucky woman who will fall for them as much as I do….

It’s girlfriend’s birthday next weekend so we went shopping for her present yesterday. Hamster picked out a barbie, The Beauty and the Beast book, and a set of tennis balls (they learn tennis together at preschool). And then promptly told the shop assistant they were for his girlfriend.

This month it’s on my ‘to do’ list to enrol him for big school. Even though I see the changes in him turning into a young boy I still can’t believe we are almost upon this milestone for my baby.