Lisa from Twig + Tale has done it again! A gorgeous pattern of yesteryear that is now more versatile than ever as this week she launches the upgraded Pixie Pants pattern and expansion pack. I was lucky enough to test the revisions on the original knee-length Pixie Pants and in later posts I’ll share my suspender version which is one of the many new options.

pixie pants twig + tale

This whale cord with little foxies jumped out at Buggy and I a few months ago, it is so soft and lovely to the touch and was perfect for these knickerbockers (haven’t used that term in a while!)

pixie pants expansion pack

The original Pixie Pants pattern comes in shorts and the longer knee-highs as I made here. The new expansion pack gives you the option to turn them into a romper with bib or to add suspender straps. And then this is where the fun begins. On the Twig + Tale website you can see the oodles of options to make your pair uniquely your own! Bows, cross straps, bar straps, simple straps, you name it….

twig + Tale pixie pants

And the cuffs, which I personally love, can be left off for more of a culotte style. Head over to the Twig + Tale Chat FB page to see what others are creating.

pixie pants twig + tale

These pants were pretty easy to sew up in the old pattern, but Lisa has worked hard in the updated pattern to make some steps even smoother particularly the pocket construction (which incidentally you can leave off if you want a quicker sew).

pixie pants with pockets

But my experience is, little guys and girls love their pockets for collecting treasures. Other new features include an A0 file for printing and a video series on some of the steps if you get stuck.

twig + tale pixie pants

The Pixie pants come in sizes preemie to size 10 and suit both girls and boys. If you’ve previously bought this pattern, the updated ‘Essentials file’ will be already waiting for you to download in your Twig + Tale account! But if you’re new, today (Tuesday 31 May) is the last day to grab the bundle on sale – Essentials pack + the Expansion pack!

pixie pants twig + tale by create.nic

Incidentally we have found this new little glen near our place for exploring. The kids love it! Well, it’s not so new. I’ve lived in this area for many years and I remember wandering through here a few times as a teenager. A series of lush gardens with bush tracks meandering off both sides, and plenty of fallen logs for traversing!

pixie pants

I love the constant awe on Buggy’s face as she discovers the world. This week she has been drawing a series of mammals and marsupials as she learns how to class vertebrates. And then when you least expect it she’ll come out with a random weather fact she’s picked up in Science.

twig + tale pixie pants

But my favourite is her observations with the artwork in every book she reads. “Oh mum! I love how they’ve illustrated this part to look like the cartoon character is interacting with the text” etc I like to think we are peas in a pod but she will go further with her creativity down the track.

pixie pants twig + tale

My sweet Buggy, don’t ever lose your wonderment.

pixie pants twig + tale