Every year I plan to make pyjamas for the kids for Christmas. Last Christmas, try as I might they didn’t happen. They did get made eventually, only it was April, and now I’m writing about it in May.

made for mermaids dreamy collection by create.nic

I had this hunch as Buggy was wearing her Seaside winter nightie during summer (I did need to remove it some nights as I saw her perspiring!) that perhaps the inverse would become true that these PJs would be worn as the weather cooled off.

babydoll pyjama pattern

I was right of course, these PJs have been getting a good work out either all as one, or the top paired with trackies, or long PJ pants with cardies over the top. Much the same as this Oliver + S Garden Party dress turned nightie seems to be making a come back with layered cardies and long socks on cold nights …

Isla top

This is my first time sewing Made for Mermaids but I’d had my eye on this combination for a while and it did not disappoint! The longest part of this project was deciding whether to place the eyelet trim on the top or bottom of the overlapping back straps of the Isla! (These are life’s difficult decisions people!)

Isla top made for Mermaids pattern

The top is called the Isla and it comes out of M4M’s Dreamy Collection. I love the amount of fabric in this top and the drape it creates looking shorter at the front than back. This project sat on the sewing table in different stages of completion for a couple of months so I have even forgotten what the sewing was like but I don’t recall any tricky bits!

dreamy collection isla top olivia bloomers

In the tutorial she pleats the flutter sleeves but as I was using trim with a slight gather within it, I didn’t bother and I think we got away with it just fine.

Isla top pattern

My fabrics are Cloud 9 organic cottons – Park Life and Foxglove. I think they are so fresh and crisp.

olivia bloomers and isla top

The Isla top can also be made as a dress so gives you another option within the same pattern and I think it will equally work as a nightie one day especially if I drop the length for my dreamy princess.

olivia bloomers

Buggy spent most of this shoot wandering around the beach singing to herself. I have no idea what tune, I don’t think she did either, she simply gets in these dreamboat states and is in her own little world (with her mum scrambling behind snapping the camera).

Made for Mermaids Dreamy collection by create.nic

olivia bloomers

The bottoms are the Olivia bloomers. To make pantaloons the instructions guide you to create an elastic casing part way up from the hem to allow the fabric to gather, but as I was using my eyelet trim again I simply added it to the final hem to create the look.

made for mermaids dreamy collection

These bloomers take no time to stitch up and even though we know I have a leaning toward vintage, it makes me happy that Buggy too is very keen on the bloomer idea.

isla top made for mermaids

And while my Bug looks just right in babydoll pyjamas she is growing up all the time. The other day I was telling her a story about me meeting her daddy. Partway through the story she says, “Ugggh, mum DO NOT call him your boyfriend, call him Dad”. Oh sad, clearly we have passed to being the oldies, where the thought of us being romantic makes our kids cringe… I thought we had a few more years yet!

made for mermaids isla top olivia bloomer