It’s early days for me sewing knit fabric. Some people swear by it and others like me are uncertain. I’d held off for so long because of the excessive knitwear that is cheap and readily available in commercial children’s clothes. But this year I’m keen to make use of my One Thimble subscription and thought I’d try my hand at two quick sew projects.

#113 romper thread faction

Thread Faction’s #113 overalls / romper/ dungarees  (affiliate link) are a super quick sew and I suppose this is the beauty of knit sewing. The other thing is, after making some overalls recently in woven where Bugs felt a bit restricted in movement, I was keen to give this knit pattern a go to see the differences.

thread faction #113

I began by using my overlocker only to sew the seams and while fast, I realised you also need to be a bit more accurate than me with your fabric cutting! I do like the leeway a seam provides!

knit cross over dungaree pattern

In the end I added seams (yes a bit topsy turvy!) to ensure nothing came apart under the wear of a 4-year-old dynamo, and it was a good opportunity to use wooly nylon in my bobbin as suggested by Liz in the tutorial (gives the stitches a bit of stretch).

Liz includes a page on tips for first-time knit sew-ers and a short guide on how to select knit fabric which was all highly useful for me and I am grateful!

This pattern is loose and comfy so if you are wondering which size to sew, sew down a size or use Liz’s instructions to modify your height versus width shaping. Also, as I write, Hamster is wearing his overalls two days in a row and the straps have a little give in them, so I think I will unpick them tonight and sew them a little tighter.

crossover straps romper pattern

The upside of the roomy fit is you’ll be able to fit jumpers underneath in the cooler weather which we have also trialled to great success. And these are really easy for younger kids to slip on and off for the bathroom.

knit overalls pattern

The buttons on the front are just for show and I loved that I could match them in with the one on his beanie.

enid slouch beanie

Think you need a project even faster than the overalls? Well you may have found it in this hat – the Enid Slouch beanie. I love it!

enid slouch beanie

Between these two patterns you are well set up for understanding knit sewing. Alana gives a great chart at the beginning of her tutorial about determining the stretch percentage of knit and how this affects your sewing. I think I could do with bringing this little chart fabric-shopping, because it guides the sizing of the garment. In hindsight, because I didn’t do this, I think I could have gone a size up for Hamster’s hat which would have given it a few more folds and ‘slouch’.

overalls and beanie patterns

So, do I love sewing knit? I’m not sure yet. One the one hand, I do like the range of lovely knit fabrics available and my confidence is growing, but I think I still love the form and ease of woven under the sewing foot.

Still, these projects impressed me with the speed they came together and sometimes I think sewing can be like reading: after a tricky slow book / sewing project, a quick read / garment can be a great antidote!

thread faction #113 dungarees

On another note, I haven’t photographed Hamster in some time and he was excited that I had finally sewn something for him. I’m not sure my love for him can be any greater, but my heart swooned as he tried his best to pose hand on hip with a little forced smile – all of which was not scripted but what he thought might be required.

romper pattern

Of course a little nymph outfit like this emphasised his vulnerabilities and tininess in my eyes and so he remains the true baby of our family.

But the thing is he is growing up so quickly and that little brain is becoming more complex with the language he develops and most noticeably his ability to mimic people and the family to great hilarity. He believes he is ‘the funniest in the family’ and he’s probably right.

Hamster has always had the knack of charm which is only increasing. Most days his requests to me are prefaced with “My darling, could you get me ###?”, “My sweetheart, do you mind ###?” How does a mother say no?!

romper and beanie cobo

My sweet charming boy I love you all the days