I’ve been buying the last few issues of the amazing digital sewing magazine One Thimble, but until now have not got around to sewing the patterns. New Years’ Resolution 2017! Here I am.

fat red birds vest hoodie

First project off the blocks: Fat Red Bird’s Hoodie Vest.

Let’s cut to the chase and say up front, the best thing about this hoodie is it’s REVERSIBLE! Two clothing items in one, now that’s what I call value! And definitely a must have for those of you into the capsule wardrobe idea.fat red birds hoodie vest reversible

I haven’t sewn that many items for myself as I procrastinate too long on fabric choices and whether the pattern will fit etc. So I’m glad that this project fell into place when I found this super soft and snuggly waffle fleece in navy and…

frb vest waffle fleece

… this fun gold and grey marle geometric knit. This is my first official foray into the world of sewing knit besides taking up a hem or two previously on shop-made garments.

And it was a success! Following a few tips, I used a stretch needle and found some grey wooly nylon in the discount section of Spotlight to put in my bobbin. Apparently it has more give so seams don’t break when stretching the garment over your head etc For seams of knit-on-knit I simply used my overlocker and yes I attest, the process is quick and easy!
(I still prefer woven 🙂 )

womens hoodie knit fabric

The waffle was a bit trickier to sew. First of all lots of shedding, and those brown pants in the photos were covered in blue fluff during the sewing! It was also tricky to see where I was sewing and putting snaps etc  into such fluffy fabric, but the feel of it on my skin is so delicious all is forgiven.

women's hoodie pattern

To make the vest reversible, it does up with snaps. These are a bit cumbersome to do up and down but the versatility they give the hoodie is awesome and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this hoodie during the cooler months.

frb hoodie snap closures

The fit is supposed to be snug and I am happy with it in general. It was pretty warm when I was sewing so the size of the armhole alarmed me when trying it on over wider short sleeved outfits, however over a more fitted long tee it works out fine. This is not the first time though that I’ve been concerned about the armhole sizing in women’s patterns. What can I say? I hate clothes too high in the pit!

reversible hoodie

In summary, if you’re after a quick sew for yourself then this is a great project to get started with. Check out One Thimble Issue 11 for this pattern and other great ideas!

hoodie waffle fleece