I haven’t pattern tested in over a year given our hectic routine, but when this opportunity came along from Twig + Tale to test her new romper pattern I put both hands up! And so here it is launched today Twig + Tale’s Barefoot Romper for sizes preemie – 10.

barefoot romper ankle length

I’m fairly new to Twig + Tale and I confess this the first pattern of her’s I’ve sewn despite stockpiling patterns. I love the embroidery options and whimsical feel of each pattern so I’m ready to dive in with more this year.

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Photos above courtesy of Twig + Tale website

romper pattern girls

I was in group 1 to test the first draft and I found this very affordable floral poplin in Spotlight which despite the slightly firmer texture could pass for Liberty. I love it and so does Buggy, so she’s wearing it! Why waste a stitch on something not to be worn is my motto!

kangaroo pocket

This romper offers such a range of options. It was a huge task for Lisa to compile and her pattern tutorials are extremely detailed with a lovely easy to navigate layout. I have such huge appreciation for these designers for the work put in to provide us with delightful patterns for a pittance of price really. Pockets available include inseam, treasure side pockets, back pockets and the kangaroo pocket which I sewed above.

long romper pattern

Leg lengths include ankle, calf or knee with a variety of hem/cuff options as well. I wanted a long romper for in-between seasons and there’s plenty of room for a top underneath when the temperature drops.

spaghetti strap romper

Similarly the back straps can be wide or spaghetti, halter or with a tie loop. The spaghetti straps in the tester call-out sold me so I was never going to stray from this look! And did I mention it has a tidy bodice lining to give the most professional look in construction.

harem romper

Although it can look a bit paunchy in the image above, I do love the harem look of this romper and if you go easy on the ankle elastic, there should be enough room for kids to be kids needing maximum movement in the legs!

romper playsuit pattern

I’m so grateful for the amazing and sprawling park we live next to. Makes taking a couple of photos way too easy and the kids have a great time exploring. Today’s find was some little mushrooms.

whimsical playsuit

And the creek is always so peaceful…

overalls for girls

Buggy has discovered she can climb the huge camphor laurel at the end of the street. I must say it makes a great hideout, wait till Hamster can join you!

play overalls pattern

If you are keen to get this pattern, and why wouldn’t you be!!, join the Twig + Tale Facebook chat group here to receive a launch discount.

twig + tale pattern

Stay tuned till next post when you see my next romper with ruffle hems!