Happy 2017 everyone!

Wow, the end of last year was a cracker with loads of work deadlines, my hubby’s 40th and the usual crazy finish of celebrating my two kids’ birthdays right before Christmas! However, somewhere amidst all that, after a bit of a sewing hiatus, I managed to drill out 10, yes, 10, zippered pouches for Christmas gifts!

zippered purse tutorial

I’ve been wanting to sew some gifts for the preschool teachers for a couple of years and when I found this tutorial from Noodlehead I decided they looked pretty straightforward. Only, after my initial count, teachers kept coming out of the woodwork and so it was back to the machine for a quick cut and stitch a couple of times, and then I decided to make one for mum too!

zippered pouch

inside lining zippered purse

Anna gives you three sizes to choose from but most of mine were the medium. In hindsight I felt they were a little large – more pencil case / wash bag size rather than make-up bag that I was aiming for – but I’d done all my cutting and buying of zippers in one go so I was committed.


They are a pretty easy sew and if you like sewing zippers you’ll find them a breeze. I do not and probably felt a bit under the pump with every one I made, even by number 10 – although I finally was not reading the instructions anymore and got the make time down to an hour each.

I mostly sew invisible zippers in clothes these days and I’m ok with those. With these contrasting zippers I needed a bit of colour to show, so attempting to get the width equal on each side made me anxious each time – also because the machine wants to push your fabric away from the zip even though I basted each time!




For mum I went smaller and I’m much happier with the size but I guess the fun is in using up your stash or experimenting with new swatches of fabric and seeing what comes out! Pretty sure all recipients were chuffed with their gifts! So go along and try one. 🙂