I discovered sewing when I was pregnant with my daughter but I wasn’t adventurous or addicted enough at that stage to tackle the range of baby outfits that I now find myself swooning over. Next baby was a boy, so these sweet little gems with their ruffles and adornments still passed us by. So, I’m taking advantage of a slew of friend’s babies born this year to make some of these dreamy numbers.


This sweet thing is the Darling playsuit by Tadah! patterns. There is a range of collars and ties to choose from and you can apply snaps or not to the crotch. I had begun with attempting the ruffle on the shoulders but found my neckline too fiddly trying to taper the eyelet trim so I pulled it all apart and focused on a ruffle bum instead. I love the effect and can’t wait to see it on its owner when she grows into it!

Tadah pattern darling playsuit

The fabric I used was the Make a Wish – Dandelions – that I used on Buggy’s Maggie dress last year.

I’m on a roll and halfway through the next Darling playsuit! Stay tuned…