Finally, spring is here! The advent of the invasive but beautiful wisteria opposite our house and the new blooms on our property have spurred me on to get out and start taking an interest in the garden again. A bit of sweeping here, a bit of weeding there, and before I know it I can spend the day overhauling what’s been neglected for some solid months.

maisie dress

The perfect spring dress in my mind is the Maisie – by Violette Field Threads. I love the mid-length sleeve with ties; and the double skirt gives the dress a little extra weight for those cool but sunny days.

violette field threads pattern

The construction of this dress is all in the bodice. Once those placket sleeves with hand-made bias are done it’s smooth sailing. I also added some trim to the back of the lined bodice which I thought added an extra sweetness to the line.

round back dress

This was my first zipper with my new Husqvarna machine and sewing an invisible zipper was a dream! I can get so much closer and finally sew whichever side I choose with no problem! Although I’m not sure about where to end the top of my zipper – in line with the trim or in line with the fabric? Comments welcome!



I boo-booed on the under-skirt, cutting it the same length as the top-skirt (there’s always something!) and added a few more inches to the length hoping you couldn’t see the seam (you can). And now as I write this, I wonder why I didn’t add the length to the top which would be hidden… (kicks self again)


The fabric is Gigi Blooms Fresh Mango. The hand-painted flowers are just divine.


This week I decided to make a small token effort towards my unsightly sewing room and file away the last 5 patterns I’ve sewn (small steps I know. Most of you probably tidy as you sew. I prefer just sewing and hoping some cleaning fairy will still visit).


My folders are jam packed so I went about re-organising according to pattern designer and who wears the items. But here is my conundrum, do I keep all these cut out patterns in sizes I may or may not sew again, or print the patterns fresh each time? If you don’t sew for profit and use PDF patterns I’d love to hear what you do with your print-outs.


With the close of another term upon us, my little cherub is replacing drama class with swimming in readiness for summer. She’s put herself in K-2 choir at morning tea on Mondays and I’m amazed by how quickly she learns lyrics! Excitement is buzzing as another onstage performance is looming.


It’s difficult to believe we only have one more school term for this year and then my Buggy will be an old hand. Whilst she looks so much older and has learnt so much, she’s still terrified about being dropped at the gate to run in to school on her own, and still sniffs her Fred bunny to lull her to sleep. Still my baby for some while yet…


If you need the perfect spring dress for your girl, try the Maisie!

maisie dress pattern