There’s a number of events that excite a 5-year-old, one of those at the top of the list is losing a tooth! Buggy’s first tooth finally wiggled free a couple of months ago but was promptly swallowed by her while eating an apple. She didn’t notice right away – just went in for some wiggling activity with her fingers later that day to find the little peg gone!

tooth fairy pillow

Number 2 followed closely behind a few days later but was caught by its owner. The new teeth had given up patience and pushed through before either got out of the way. This photo is taken not long after both fell out!

new teeth

I’d found this great tooth fairy pillow tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots and got madly sewing when both teeth were looking very shaky.

tooth fairy pillow

This is a great project for your stash scraps and I chose some pieces that my grandma had given me years ago. I love the colours! This house reminds me of a Mr Men house: a bit gaudy, a bit wonky, but bold and happy.

What’s special about this pattern are the hidden pockets!

tooth pocket

Open the front door and there’s a little pocket to keep the tooth safe till your fairy’s visit.

tooth fairy pillow pocket

Turn over for a pocket to post your tooth fairy letter. Thanks Maggie for such a lovely idea! It’s no secret my Bug loves her pillow!

(oh and thanks Maaike for your lovely ‘made with love’ labels )