I think anyone who sews would agree we may be more excited about our children’s first Book Parade than the kids themselves! I’ve had some ideas up my sleeve for sometime and luckily it didn’t take much convincing for Bugs to be equally enchanted with the thought of being ‘Alice’ for a day.

alice in wonderland book week

Even though she has never seen the movie, and a month ago we didn’t own the book, it’s amazing how some classics weave their way into your child’s psyche regardless. But I did want us to read the story together and so I found this extra special edition by Rifle Paper Co. You can’t help but get swept away with Alice’s imagination through the beautiful illustrations designed for the 150th anniversary of this timeless story.

alice in wonderland rifle paper co print

To make my Alice outfit I chose the Matilda dress and Rosemary pinafore from Violette Field Threads. I have been DYING to make this pinafore for a long time. I just love it’s vintage-inspired pin-tucked goodness. Oh my, I just can’t get enough.

pin tucks pinafore

And I LOVE the way it ties on each side and bounces above the dress. Make’s my heart sing if you hadn’t noticed! 🙂

rosemary pinafore VFT pattern

The Matilda dress is a super fast easy sew with elastic at the waist, neckline and sleeves -although I found sewing elastic to a gathered skirt challenging! I don’t know why I don’t learn, but I am finding the VFT patterns a little short for the tall girls I sew for and I also wanted this dress to last till summer (still winter here in Southern hemisphere!) so I ended up prolonging the dress-making by adding a few inches to the hemline after the fact. To keep in style with the pinafore, I added the extra band to look like another pin-tuck. I think it worked!

matilda dress and rosemary pinafore

Both dress and pinafore afford serious twirl factor as well, always a must in a dress for Buggy!

matilda dress violet field threads

It wouldn’t be complete unless we had a  couple of little props, sewn into the pocket for the girl who loses everything at school!

drink me bottle alice in wonderland      alice in wonderland key

Alice needed a side-kick and who better than one of her Fred rabbits to play the part of the white rabbit.

white rabbit and Alice

I made Fred a lined Wind Chill Coat by Noodle Clothing. She has some seriously lovely outfits for American Girl dolls. Fred isn’t quite the same size as an American Girl doll – bit narrower at the shoulders and wider around the waistline – but who’s looking closely?!

noodle clothing wind chill coat

To set off the jacket, I felt he needed something at the neckline so I made up a lacey cravat -more in keeping from the latest Alice in Wonderland movie.

white rabbit coat

I love the detail of this coat, even though I was cursing as the long hours went by each evening this week still sewing! The pleated back and all the extra top stitching and buttons make it extra stylish.

noodle clothing wind chill coat

The day of the Book Parade forecast rain and cold weather. The thought of Buggy wearing white at any time makes me apprehensive, but I knew after a day at school in inclement weather the pinafore may never be the same again. So I promised her and her brother a ‘Treat breakfast’ in the park if they got up early for a few snaps before the parade.

white pinafore

Cupcakes for breakfast, who wouldn’t say yes! But it was freezing and drizzly so my little Alice did great!

wet photo shoot

The book has been an interesting read. The conversations between Alice and characters in places are long-winded and nonsensical, so I found myself skimming over a few sections, but Buggy still seemed intent each night to read more and more chapters.

alice in wonderlandweb19

I think she completely relates to Alice’s inquisitive nature and her need to ask endless questions to understand the world around her.

rosemary pinafore violet field threads

alice in wonderlandweb20

And to find that elusive beautiful garden…

alice in wonderland