The June dress by Violette Field Threads was released this year for the Northern hemisphere summer. When the tester shots started hitting Facebook I rushed out to buy the pattern and promptly cancelled my original plans for these fabrics in favour of the June. I think it is stunning!

june dress

Now I better say upfront, this dress is meant for my dear niece in Sweden who is a few years older than the Bug (hence don’t look closely at the fitting, it’s huge on her!) but without being able to photograph Beth, Buggy was of course happy to try on a new ‘pretty’ and take it through its paces.

june dress violette field threads

My other admission is that I grabbed the camera in a rush and started shooting without checking my settings to find later I had an issue with the focus!! So please dear reader excuse all these faults of today’s post, but it did provide me with this next shot which I call Buggy’s Farah Fawcett 70s magazine moment.

june dressweb4

I enjoyed making this dress but it took some time. In the middle of the project I received my BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE !!!!!! which I am so excited about after many years on my loud, clunky beginner machine. However, it is so space-age I have to refer to the manual for the simplest task, from how to wind a bobbin to where to find a zig-zag stitch! It’s slowed me down! Which is a shame as I’m not sure there’s long to go in the Swedish summer. I had pictured maypoles and Midsummer Eve for this dress!

June dress VFT

There are many gorgeous and creative variations on the June bodice splashed across the VFT FB page, so I decided to try my hand at developing a centre placket with buttons and lace trim.The buttons are a favourite and upcycled from a silk top of mine where they were too heavy and ended up tearing holes in the silk. The dress ties at the back with ribbon or lace in my case, but I’m afraid you won’t get a good sense of the flattering line on Buggy’s back.

June dress

This was the first time I have sewn a gathered skirt onto an elasticised bodice and I found it a bit disconcerting knowing what I was doing, but I think I got there. My gorgeous niece is long so I didn’t want to waste any fabric on hemming and instead added to the length with this eyelet trim. And then it happened!

june dress back

I had just been reminiscing about my conversation with my Grandma the day before about how I loved sewing compared to knitting as every mistake is fixable except for one made with the overlocker. Not ten minutes passed when I realised I had gathered up part of the skirt on the overlocker while finishing the hem. AND NOW THERE IS A HOLE IN THE BACK OF THE SKIRT!!!

I haven’t decided what to do yet. I’m picturing a small, subtle heart patch, but I’m thinking it’s going to look random and odd so if you have any ideas please share!!

june dress with pockets

The main fabric I used is Nature Trail Summer Forest and Geo by Bethan Janine with a few other solid geometrics from Spotlight. Thank you my dear buddy Tania for sweating over the mix and matching for ages that day!

I love the way the designer instructed the pockets to be attached – it allows them to stick out and have loads of goodies stashed!

june dress with pockets

oh ps. It’s Kids Clothes Week and I got in in the nick of time!