I do believe we may be turning a slow corner where clothes on my guys are not completely soiled after one day’s wear. We are getting a second day out of many items now that summer, sloppy ice-creams and intense outdoor play are on hold for a little while. But despite this, my little man still needs pants!

blank slate pants

When it comes to Buggy’s wardrobe, I have rarely sewn the same pattern twice, there are so many beautiful patterns to explore; but for Hamster I reach for the same pattern every time – the Clean Slates.

blank slate patterns

I love the skinny leg…

clean slate pants

I love the welt pocket…

welt pocket

I love that these pants don’t restrict all that adventure to be had…

swinging from branch

Even if it does involve hurling impossibly big branches while sucking on snakes…

clean slate trousers

blank slate pantsweb14

Alright, yes, I know, you are admiring the scarf more than the pants, am-i-right?

Dr Who scarf

Some of you might remember this scarf already on the blog, knitted by my sis for Mr Createnic for Christmas. Well, she’s made a mini-me one and it’s so darn delicious! And my little man loves wearing it too.

blank slate pantsweb10

On a different tangent, I’m so proud of Hamster lately. We spent most of last year screaming the swim school down, but this year after our holiday to Fiji he suddenly found his place in the water and simply loves it! In the bath-like water of the ‘kid’s pool’, he taught himself to snorkel and then spent hours jetting around the pool looking at not much but the drain and yet still exclaiming, “That was a great dive Dad!”


So despite the chilly temps and rain, this week we have been removing the scarf and warm pants and doing intensive daily swim class as well as visits to the local indoor pool. Hamster has made great progress swimming unaided and putting his head under water at every available minute. And he’s decided to become a diver at his dad’s underwater medicine unit at the Navy base!

blank slate pantsweb12

Love this little guy, love this little guy, love this little guy!