I love making dresses for gifts and if I had time to make them for everyone I would, birthday or no birthday, oh and maybe one or two for myself!

This first one was a breeze because I have made two ‘big’ Tea Party dresses you’ve seen here and here, (the latter incidentally is my most ‘pinned’ project to date. I mean real gangbusters pinning! So glad it is a favourite) so this one was the same easy formula but the ‘baby’ version (from Tadah! patterns) with the cute romper attached underneath!

baby tea party dress

I love this fabric, do you remember it from Buggy’s 4th birthday party Georgia Vintage dress? The floral is ‘Emmy Grace Budquette in Dayspring’ and the spotty romper is leftover from the Elegance & Elephants playsuit I made recently – Art Gallery Priory Square range: The Shambles in Primrose.

baby tea party dress with romper

I wanted to show off my new gift stickers too! I love love stationery! How cool is that French washi tape?!

baby tea party dressweb2

My next gifted dress involved a lot more angst. It was for my niece who, shall we say, is very fussy with clothes and probably hasn’t worn a dress in eons. The thought of her rejecting the dress made me hum and haw over the pattern and fabric pairing for way too many weeks. But I was determined to make her something just once.

husky dress

I wanted a simple A-line dress pattern but found it really hard to find one online! Seems ridiculous I know, so if you have one please share in the comments! I settled on the Oliver + S Family Reunion dress. I know right, if you are familiar with this pattern at all I have strayed so far from it! But I decided in the end she wouldn’t like the button tab and I couldn’t think what to do with the yoke neckline because of my alternate fabric colour on the back so I left it off.

I left out the sleeves to go for a more tunic look so if she wanted to pair with leggings or pants or most importantly (they live in Sweden now!!) layer a long sleeve top underneath, she could.

I really wanted to add the decorative stitch lines at the base but I couldn’t do that as I would run into the husky’s paws so they went by the wayside as well!

But I did keep the pintucks and drafted my own bodice lining which succeeded without a hitch! Phew!


The fabric is one of the bold animal prints from Bambiblauw and purchased from Maai Design. Which is really the main reason I embarked on this project as I knew Rosie would love the prints especially the husky as she has recently visited a husky farm and is keen to have one of her own one day!

Bambiblauw husky print

I also love the geometric background, but the panels were not long enough to extend for the back of the dress without repeating the husky, so I settled with a charcoal chambray. I think it works!

charcoal chambray

And the verdict?… she wore it to the movies carrying a purse last week! I am overjoyed!

There is another dress gift in the works, all cut out, and front bodice feature sewn. Wait and see…