I’m back with version 2 of the new Ruffle Playsuit pattern by Elegance & Elephants. If you missed my last post, the talented Heidi has recently launched this sweet new pattern which I like to say is a combination of function and prettiness.

elegance and elephants playsuit pattern

For a girl who has never liked shorts, Buggy has taken a shine to these playsuits which means to her she can express her girliness while still getting into all the exploring and rough-&-tumble that a 5-year-old should.

playsuit pattern

The pattern comes in long pants or shorts, but Bugs was keen for another short pair. Heidi has also provided a tutorial to turn the pattern into a dress as a bonus!. Pockets are also an option, but one we didn’t take this time as I wanted a quick sew.pretty jumpsuit

I used some cheapy fabric from Spotlight that I had in my stash but strangely the bold stripe turned from pink to orange when ironed and did not turn back when cool. Most annoyed!! Below it looks like it could be the light (see the front compared the side panel) but in person, nope, it’s a fabric flaw….

stripey playsuit

My gorgeous girl is trying out her first drama class today after school. For someone so exuberant, she has dropped a few notches in confidence with the onset of school. I need to keep reminding myself she is only 5. I think it’s easy to lose sight of how big the transition is to big school – all the drop-offs and pick-ups and extra-curricular. So I hope her little star shines today and the fun takes over the anxiety.

E&E_playsuit_stripeweb7 copy

Meanwhile my sweet button continues her crafting craze with a new crown for dad, creatures made of old milkshake cups and pipe-cleaners, and a dozen pictures drilled out daily. She asked for a plastic milk bottle today to make a cow…

autumn leaf headband

We are loving that the leaves are finally turning. So fun to collect and then scrunch into pots and pans for cooking on the play stove, and if I’m lucky have dropped all over the carpet.

E&E_playsuit_stripeweb3 copy

I think I may have bestowed my cluckiness onto Buggy as well. She has always seemed maternal but now the toddlers flock to her when she drops Hamster at preschool. They all vie to sit on her lap and she adores ‘the little cuties’.

E&E_playsuit_stripeweb14 copy

This week’s news project is on what it means to be a friend. Buggy is going to talk about her best friend, her brother. They certainly have their moments more often than not, but the rest of the time she is full of love for him, ready to teach him and guide him whenever she can.

E&E_playsuit_stripeweb1 copy

The other day she drew and cut out large letters of his name. They played for ages in his room – her showing him the letters and directing which order to put them in to spell his name. My sweet treasures.

E&E_playsuit_stripeweb5 copy