Drawing from my sewing archives of 2015, today I want to show you my Maggie Misses dress. I love this dress and I am surprised it has taken this long to blog about it!

maggie misses dress violette fields

You may recall the Maggie dress I made for Bugs last year out of the dandelion material. I made both these dresses for a family portrait shoot we were doing and I love it on her and I love it on me.

maggie misses dress

The dress options available include a slim or full skirt of which I chose full and used the XL length as I wanted it to fall below the knee. It’s tricky for me to pick a favourite feature of this pattern as I love them all!

The low V-back with ribbon tie,

hi-low back

The yoke shoulders which I struggled with every time but do love; theV-neck plunge-line  which works even for the small busted,


and most of all, the split sleeves giving it that totally scrumptious vintage look.

split sleeves

The pattern comes with a waist belt option to make as well. I bought two fabrics to offer different looks depending on the occasion, but in the end time was not on my side before our family photo shoot so I paired the dress with an obi hubby brought back for me from Canada. As you can see, there was no originality of fabric choice in my dress, I loved the model’s dress on the pattern cover, so I copied the dress down to a T!

violette fields womens dress

This has to be one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe but funnily enough it doesn’t get as much wear as it deserves. If you want to feel completely romantic and girly this is the dress for you. But there lies the problem. Sometimes it feels a little too dreamy for work, a little too dressy for casual-wear and, well, being a mother I don’t go out on enough romantic picnics, so I think that needs to change!

violette fields dress

I think there are one or two more Maggie dresses left in me to make: a. to perfect those fiddly shoulder yokes and b. because I want a copy of Buggy’s dandelion dress!


p.s. photos courtesy of the wonderful Maaike from maaidesign. This was one of the trickier shoots we did. Darn light and shadow struggles!