I’ve been looking at everyone’s beautiful Easter outfits online but sadly I didn’t quite make it to producing my own this year. But, I did make Easter lambs out of socks! This nifty tutorial comes from Joanne at Craft Passion.

easter sock lambs

You need one bed sock and one plain sock, some embroidery floss, stuffing and buttons for eyes. Sewing around the legs on the machine was my least favourite part  and has set me back six months on wanting to embark on knit sewing! Needless to say, the legs are a bit wonky, but can be reshaped with a bit of pushing and prodding.

IMG_3451 (1)

This year Buggy had her first Easter hat parade and it was a groovy affair. We love her new school and their love of jamming and jiving at every event. Assembly is like a mini disco each week!


This year we’ve made egg shell gardens for the preschool and Buggy’s Kindy class. We used onion chives, parsely, succulents, snow peas and snap dragons to decorate ours.

egg shell garden

After a week you can put the shells into the garden where they will decompose and the plants can continue growing.

egg shell garden

I also made Mr Create.nic a succulent garden in an old medical kidney dish I bought from an old wares store last year in the Adelaide Hills.

succulent garden

And then of course Easter arrived, with a visit from the Easter bunny and egg rolling races with dyed eggs.












I hope you and your family had a lovely and safe Easter xx