This week I’m excited to be a part of MaaiDesign’s fabric blog tour! I met Maaike of MaaiDesign through the internet whilst we were pattern testing for Marte of Compagnie M. We realised we both lived in the same city on the other side of the world from Marte and a friendship was born after we went to a charity sewing event together. I’ve developed so many awesome friendships through sewing blogs, tests and forums and so it is really exciting that one of them lives nearby! Maaike is now my regular encourager; bolstering me up to keep on pushing despite ever dwindling time to sew and photograph. She is also the talent behind the lens of my Buck Forest Washi dress.

laminated fabric rain jacket

And Maaike owns an awesome fabric shop. The fabric is all European and pretty unique to Australia. If you’re in Sydney you should pop by as she has a bright sewing space and you get to touch and feel the fabric!

soft cactus laminated fabric

As part of the blog tour I chose to make a laminated cotton raincoat as I’ve never sewn with laminate before and the options are so delicious! It was a hard choice between this one and the other laminated cottons with Little Daisy Green coming a close second. In the end I chose the colours that would also tie in with Buggy’s school uniform.

little daisy green laminated cotton   wicky pikes brown laminated cotton

grannys tiles pink laminated fabric   grannys tiles blue laminated fabric


The laminated cottons are from the Soft Cactus collection and are made out of a 100% woven cotton base with a PVC laminate on top which makes them water resistant. I lined the coat with Rusty Red 100% combed cotton which matched the floral detail perfectly.

lined raincoat

I umm-ed and err-ed about lining the hood in the laminate – for practical purposes that would have been better, but for cute factor I like the contrast!

soft cactus fabric raincoat

I also umm-ed and err-ed about the jacket pattern but decided to stick with the holy grail of kids’ sewing and chose an Oliver + S pattern – the School Days Coat – as they suggest using this pattern for raincoats and I thought the instructions might lend some guidance.

oliver + s school days jacket

I’m certainly happy with my choice and glad with how the length and sizing worked out. I made a size 6 and “I think” I cut a size 8 length. I did actually get in a bit of a muddle with what length each piece was and there was a little trimming at the end before hemming to ensure it all came together!

oliver + s school days jacket

This pattern offers patch pockets and a choice of duffle closure details as well as an optional removable quilted lining with or without sleeves for additional warmth. I think raincoats only need to be simple so I did none of these and even used regular ol’ buttons and buttonholes for closure.

oliver + s school days jacket

I think the hood could have extended a little further forward for when it is actually raining but I ‘get’ that this wouldn’t necessarily work well for a regular winter woollen coat.The sleeves provide about a 1″ turnover of growth which I am glad about.

hooded raincoat

This jacket is not too hard to construct, but I did hesitate and cheat with the hand sewing of hems that were required on the coat body and sleeves. I just didn’t have time for this sort of thing with my blog tour deadline looming and to be honest, meh, I love hand sewing softies but not outfits! Anyway, only I will notice the difference so that’s life!

soft cactus laminated fabric

The sewing of the laminated cotton went pretty smoothly in the end. Stay tuned for my tips for working with this kind of fabric in a later post. I do notice I have a blood blister under my nail from jamming my pin through the tough fabric over and over sewing on buttons last night!

sewing a hooded rain jacket

The pattern advises you to decide early on whether you are going to topstitch each seam or not. I started out worrying that maybe the topstitching would create more holes for water leakage but then, as I sewed, I decided that there are areas of a jacket construction that I always like topstitching, so as the project continued, I topstitched more and more!

laminated cotton raincoat

I also took great care with my pinning at the beginning to avoid unnecessary holes, but by the end, yep my sewing had taken on a more carefree approach! I decided I was making a jacket for quick scoots between car and school, not a Gortex all-weather coat for trekking in the Himalayas mid-monsoon. Mind you, it’s felt mid-monsoon as I sewed each night hot with laminated cotton across my lap and no cool breeze!

raincoat for kids

Don’t you just love these boots?! Sydney-siders, Target now!

oliver + s raincoat

I know I’ve gone crazy with the photos right, but I had a feeling as I was sewing this was going to be a goodie! We squeezed this photo shoot into the gap between a blistering long record of hot sunny days which have pushed back Autumn, to a week forecast of rain which started yesterday. Good timing right! Raincoat went off to school yesterday!

soft cactus toddler ivy blue

Right! Now I’ve got through all of that, it’s time to tell you to get shopping at MaaiDesign. There’s plenty of fabrics (woven and knit) to choose from as well as ribbing and piping. There’s also a sale going on till 26/03/16. Simply type in the code maaidesign10% to receive your 10% discount when shopping!

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