I deliberately tried to stop sewing over Christmas to relax and spend time with my family – it helped I was also in a different town to my sewing room for three weeks. Then I made a vow to tidy up a bit more before sewing could resume. But then my husband went away for a month and I decided “It’s time to get my skates on and sew my little heart out!”

kid shorts

He’s away for four more nights and I haven’t completed as much as I would like because this Kindy thing and it’s new routines is taking its toll on me! I spent Sunday afternoon on my Buggy’s homework drawing up a family tree.

dana made it shortsweb2

I had cut out a bunch of outfits before Christmas and as they are all summer items I thought I better get cracking so the kids can get some wear out of them before the weather starts to turn. Or hopefully, we might get a longer summer given January was a bit of a fizzle here.

dana made it shortsweb1

All of the fabric is leftovers from when Hamster was shorter and chubbier. Do you remember the big butt baby pants in this geometric and hound fabric? Wow, those teeny tiny boots are still in his room. Time for a new home this winter!

dana made it shortsweb16

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of of the bag I made with the fabric above as lining. But cute and retro! My favourite of the three.

dana made it shortsweb8

I’ve made these shorts before by Dana Made It, and this version – the racer – is by far my favourite. It definitely gives a long ‘board short’ look which I love.

dana made it shortsweb7

The edging is done with wide bias tape and once you’ve attached your bias, you simply sew the shorts together front to back by lying one on top of the other! Easy!

dana made it shortsweb4

Did I mention I love this little guy?! He’s so excited we now have ‘Mummy and Hamster’ day once a week when Bugs is at school and he has no preschool. I like it too.

dana made it shortsweb15

He’s such a sensitive little soul despite his big bravado and deep hollering on most days. We are going through the ‘dying’ phase, where he pleads most days, “please don’t die mummy”. I don’t plan on it buddy… Melts my heart.

dana made it shortsweb13

These babies were made from the reams of Hungry Caterpillar fabric I used to make similar shorts for his first birthday and Buggy’s Piper dress for their Sesame Street party. Ok I mixed some themes but the colours worked ok?!

dana made it shortsweb14

We’ve come a long way from those first shorts and learning to walk, to spending every spare minute learning tricks on the outdoor equipment.

dana made it shortsweb10

Both munchkins have decided they are running away with the circus when they get bigger and try to out-do each other daily with, “Watch this! It’s really dangerous!” Needless, to say I have looked into gymnastics class and we are already planning the December circus party…