It’s halfway through the month and my sewing room remains dormant. I am steadfast in my resolution not to sew a stitch till the room and the rest of the house has a major spring clean. I’ve started on the toy room and the Bug’s room. The first jam-packed boot-load of old toys, clothes and books has gone to Vinnies.

Bugs is starting school in a week (!) and I know I’m going to struggle with the new routine so surely a bit of organisation will help the cause. We’ve also entered the girly age of miniature novelties like smelly erasers and Shopkins, and they are doing my head in without some sort of storage and display plan.

That’s new year’s resolution 1. These are my others:

2. Make more lists

3. Take back control of the paperwork in my life

4. Fix or replace the broken filing cabinet to assist with number 3.

5. Make and print some photobooks!

6. Deal with the lack of exercise situation

7. Eat and cook more healthily (the M&Ms on the desk mean I’m warming up to this one!)

8. Save to travel and pay tax 🙂 😦

Yep, they’re pretty standard resolutions… On second thoughts my upcoming book reading pile looks so much more appealing…


Onto the sewing….

In order to achieve resolution 8 above, I have decided to make a conscious effort to sew with my already bulging stash and restrain on fabric purchases. This means sewing what I have already planned for rather than getting swept up by competitions and new patterns and fabric. It’s an interesting process blogging and sewing; witnessing the self imposed influence the blog has on my project choices. I want to find a better balance with that.

I have a gazillion projects cut but not sewn, so these need to be first off the starting blocks:

  1. A Tadah short sleeve Troop shirt for Hamster
  2. About 3 pairs of Dana Made It kid shorts for Hamster
  3. A summer nightie for Buggy made from the Oliver + S Garden Party dress pattern
  4. Super hero capes and shirts for both kids
  5. The indoor cubby house (oh yeah, started in our last house about two years ago)
  6. More clothes for me!
  7. Finally, something for charity
  8. More hand made soft toys while watching our ‘series’
  9. A cover for the swing chair in Bug’s room (it’s only sat miserably with a black cover half on, half off for over a year…)
  10. And my latest Pinterest addition – a pom-pom rug for Buggy’s room

So to warm me up, I had a quick look back on 2015 and the top 5 most popular projects.
Drum roll please!

  1. Gallery Tunic – Oliver + S
    gallery tunic
    This beauty has skyrocketed readership! Which is great, as I love wearing it. I’ve even made a second one, but have I got around to blogging it, nup.
  2. First Day Dress – Dana Made It
    first day dress

    I love this dress too. And only looked at it today to decide whether I pass it on to friends’ kids or keep it for the grandkids… What do you fellow sew-ers do? This dress would have received more wear except the opening is narrow and in the end there were two many panicked moments and tears trying to get it off especially on a hot sticky day. But I love it’s two sided versatility and look forward to Beth’s hand-me-down version to be worn in our house in 12 months time.
  3. Ileana Dress – Compagine M
    ileana dress

    Can’t go wrong here. Marthe continues to produce patterns I swoon over and this one was no exception. And I got to pattern test it which is always so fun. There are loads of options on this dress so I need to revisit and make another. And it’s a favourite with Bug with the full skirt.
  4. Tea Party Dress – Tadah! 
    tea party dress pattern
    Maximal bang for minimal effort. I love how quick these are to make and how everyone picks them as a favourite. The best go-to party dress pattern of 2015. I was only surprised the crowd picked the pineapple version and not the full-skirt Fairy Meadow dress.
  5. Cappuccino dress – Oliver + S
    cappuccino dress

    I love that this dress made the top 5. I think it shows how women are eagerly looking for good patterns that work. This dress is so comfy to wear and I have been intent on making more if I can prioritise sewing for me!

Now for my favourite project:

This is so tricky but I think it has to be the Maggie dress by Violette Fields.

violette fields

Reminiscent of an older era, the romance of this dress makes my heart sing. Oh yes, and have I mentioned I’ve made myself one but also just can’t get ‘the help’ to photograph me! I have wanted to make Violette Fields’ dresses for so long now, so I’m glad I am making a start. (In fact, there’s one in the blogging wings as we speak!)

What will be the favourites this year…


ps. I included the feature image of my gorgeous girl when she was almost 3, as this was taken at the time she began daycare in Sydney and today we were handed her portfolio before she heads off to big school!