Happy 2016 folks!

I’m back finally after skimming my favourite bloggers’ wraps of 2015 over this festive period as we travelled from Sydney to Melbourne to Tasmania and back (via Walbundrie!). It’s been hectic but by the end I think I found my groove eating lots and moving less. Hmm, relaxing, but not good on the waistline!

We started the crazy season with our gorgeous little man’s birthday which also happened to fall on the day we held my side of the family’s Xmas at our place. It’s a bad time for a birthday and I hadn’t got around to making Hamster a cake, hoping a ‘3’-sparkler on the Xmas pudding would suffice. But I did decorate my first gingerbread house ( hello DIY kit) with much excitement!

xmas 2015web2

Hamster came down the stairs the morning of his birthday exclaiming, “My birthday cake!” as he gazed admiringly at said gingerbread house.

“Yep… yep… there’s your birthday cake!”… (phew, win win) This could possibly become ‘a thing’. And next year I might venture to making the gingerbread as well!

Despite turning 3, our little guy hasn’t changed at the core, with his storm clouds and sunshine changing as rapidly as a Melbourne summer’s day! Luckily, that smile is a heart melter.

xmas 2015web4  xmas 2015web5

I’m so glad to have my dear Pa in this photo still celebrating strong!

xmas 2015web6

This year, four of us decided to do handmade Xmas:- let’s call it a test run for the wider family for 2016! hint hint Brews…

Hubby and I were inspired by the Xmas special from ‘Alaska: The Final Frontier’, one of our favourite shows on Discovery. In the Xmas episode they each make a gift and go all out in Alaskan living-off-the-land-style building lakes, cooking homemade jams,  making cross bows etc If you haven’t seen it, here’s a version on Youtube. Such a great show!

Anyway, this is what we did: Hubby is a HUGE Dr Who fan so my sis knitted him the original Tom Baker Dr Who scarf.

Dr Who tom baker scarf

Of course, I sewed! Another Gallery tunic by Oliver + S for my sis with some Cloud 9 fabric. Sorry, too lazy to walk upstairs and get the particulars!

gallery tunic

This shirt fits so well but I’m finding my versions a bit enclosed at the neckline so I’m hoping the lightweight nature of this fabric lets it hang open more. For those with more lovin’ up top, this may not be an issue…

gallery tunic

For me, my brother-in-law somehow managed to transport two water gardens, with four goldfish no less, on the back of the trailer beside the family possessions as they drove down to Sydney before migrating to Sweden. Said goldfish, despite some possible initial trauma, are alive and swimming! I can’t wait for the water lilies to flower!

xmas washi

Yep, that’s my Xmas Washi dress from 2014!

Dear hubby came up with a great idea for Joel. When we visited NZ for our honeymoon he bought a beautiful pair of possum mittens that are so soft and warm. We got our hands on some rabbit skins and hubby got to work making a pattern and hand stitching these beauties together for the family’s new move to Sweden.

rabbit mittens

I was buoyed during this process that Mr Create.nic would surely catch the fever of crafting goodness and we’d spend many nights hereafter crafting and creating together. Alas, one project had him exclaim (despite being very proud of his end result) that sewing was completely boring! 😦

Still, these holidays he has gone on to build a pirate fort in the back yard which I am sure will feature in this year’s sewing photos.

For Christmas I got a new prime lens for my camera. So glad my husband does all the boring technical legwork of devices in our household leaving me to play! First photo with new lens:

xmas 2015web16

The original is so crisp, but I’ve reduced it for web.

I couldn’t sign off without including some photos from my FAVOURITE place we visited in Tasmania – Tazmazia! Yup, if you have kids, take them! (I may have enjoyed it more than the kids…). A huge maze where you have to find a long list of fun items (including the kitchen sink) and nursery rhyme props (see Three Little Pigs house below) as well as three other mazes housed within the outer maze!


The sign posts above gave us a smile but also helped navigate our way through.

maze-2-800We loved all the ladders and the secret passageway (above right) that required crawling!

xmas 2015web29

Yes there was a Correction Centre in the maze, like all good mazes have…

xmas 2015web27

Yes I may have lined up Hamster for the firing squad and put his head in a guillotine…

(Excuse Hamster’s odd outfit of hitched up Bali pants and mismatched shark pullover – a limited holiday wardrobe can bring out the worst combinations!).

xmas 2015web28

Once you get through the maze you arrive at the miniature Village of Lower Crackpot, Embassy Garden and the Yellow Brick Rd set under the majestic Mt Roland . Loved it!

xmas 2015web33

That’s us on a chair by the red roofed house above!

xmas 2015web35

Who’s not a big kid at heart! Happy New Year!