I don’t know about you, but we are going to a lot of parties! This weekend alone saw us at hubby’s Xmas work-do, Preschool concert and graduation, Rural Fire Service Xmas party, and yet another 5-year-old party! Last weekend it was our turn as hosts as the munchkins celebrated their combined birthdays with a farm party. (Chooks on loan from my folk’s hobby farm but I think we might get some!)

farm party
Let’s be honest. It took some coaxing for the party planner to get the theme approved and possibly a few tears (“but it’s not a princess… fairy… pink… (vomit) party!!!” wail wail!). But once the Pinterest board was shared and a compromising fairy placed on the invitation, the party girl was convinced.

farm party invite

Let’s cut to the chase, this cake drove my need for a farm party! Within my skill set but so totally cool! The little pigs only required rolling balls of fondant with a bit of shaping afterwards.

pig mud bath cake

mud bath cake

And then I learnt from friends the week before, that simple food = less is more. Rice crispie hay bales and Adriano Zumbo brownie cow pats were super easy the day before and the rest was heat up finger food with plenty of watermelon and dips and veggie sticks for grazing. Easy! (and a duck pond water cooler!)

farm food

The weather forecast threatened storms all morning but at the last minute all was hauled outside, including the wheelbarrow of drinks (thanks boys!), so we could enjoy the backyard and final sunshine!

Pig races proved popular…

pig races

And the Pin the Tail on the donkey was a natural choice…

pin the tail donkey

My favourite, was making a photo booth. Head bands easily put together with some felt and super glue…

farm photo booth

During one of those billionth plays of one of our toddler medley car CDs, my ears tuned in to one that was a party game of passing the potato to music till Daisy the cow moos. Perfect!

potato game

Our parties wouldn’t be complete without a pinata; what better use for a golf club!


I didn’t get too crazy on outfits this year. Ava wore her Tea Party dress blogged about here but I did make her a special 5 crown, ideas and pattern from Heidi and Finn.

birthday tiara

For Hamish I made some simple ‘Made’ shorts and stuck a 3 on his hat and a tractor on his top, and that was that!

I cannot believe these three gal pals are off to school next year. They have been inseparable at preschool this year.


Till next year…