A couple of weeks ago after what felt like months of rain, Sydney showed us how she could turn up the heat for summer if she chose to. Most people melted, Bugs and I revelled. Hamster sweated his sweet little golden head. And I decided to revisit my old stomping grounds of pre-children, pre-husband – Cremorne Harbour pool. Yup, on that 40 degree day people.

adelaide dress

There was a lot of toosh from the pint-sized one (the grumpy type, not the butt). I was buried under bags, and balancing half eaten ice-blocks, flavoured milks, float rings, kick boards, and soft toys, while the sultry singles strolled by with nothing but a light towel tossed casually over their shoulders.
dana made it shorts

I forgot, it’s a long walk from the road with a half-glass-empty-type of toddler. I felt all lazy eyes turn to us as I hissed desperate negotiations to my little loved ones to keep quiet or else. Yep let’s face it, it was a jagged realisation never to re-visit those favourite spots where you spent your 20-something years, single, skinny, free…

townmouse adelaide dress

I did somehow enjoy our dip but then hastily retreated to the shady gardens, and after Hamster spilling his entire vanilla milk over Bug’s dress, I decided to persevere and take some snaps of some new outfits. Surprisingly, this was the happiest part of the day for all three of us!

Now that I have that off my chest, let me introduce the Adelaide dress from Kristine of Townmouse.

adelaide dress

It’s a bit of a variation of the simple pillowcase dress except with a finished yoke strap at the neckline.

adelaide dress

I sewed the size 6 as Kristine doesn’t offer odd sizes after size 4, but it’s the type of dress that kinda looks good with a bit of volume.

townmouse adelaide dress

Mine probably turned out a little longer than the standard size 6, as my map fabric seemed just a little too short on its own, so I added a cream band at the bottom.

I know, right? Awesome fabric! Love it 🙂

I’ve seen a few outfits around this year with map fabric and when I found some at Spotlight I snapped it up. It’s a pretty heavy cotton so luckily this pattern keeps it free and breezy for summer.

(To digress, this is my absolute favourite ‘map-dress’ from Dobbins Bobbins. Beautiful fabric and then she has used transfer paper to recreate panels with old family photos and postcards. Simply divine!!)


Back to the Adelaide, yup it’s easy to make, but actually I was slightly thrown by the yoke construction, I don’t even remember why now, I think the part attaching the straps to the yoke; there are two seams there, and I blame my dodgy sewing as usual. Attaching the yoke to the dress on the other hand is easy-peasy. And well there’s not much more to it besides some seams and hemming. Great easy project for a beginner sew-er.

Oh, and there are really super cute pockets that come as an option which I really wanted to include but wouldn’t have worked with the map, so alas, had to leave off…


The dress proved a great conversation piece for preschool news day on Monday as Bugs could point out her holiday in Fiji, her cousins’ future home in Sweden and mum and dad’s getaway to Adelaide recently.

With the leftover fabric, I had enough for some Dana Made It flat-front shorts for the Hamster.

flat front shorts

Whilst I got some good panels for the front, I had to complete the shorts with a black denim on the rear with some map pockets to break it up.


These shorts are super sturdy and will withstand the paces this little dude puts them through.


And yeah you know, even though I miss those quiet single days at the pool with my book, I know many of them were spent wondering if I would meet Mr Right and get to mother two cuties like these. So I”m happy right here, spilt milk and all.