I’m so excited to present my first Violette Fields dress! I have been admiring these patterns for the longest time and I don’t know why it has taken me this long to get started. But here we are!

violette fields

The Maggie dress caught my eye first with the 1920s inspired shots on their website. I suppose it is this influence that led me to choose the striped grey for the hemline. I’ve used this grey striped fabric in so many projects, including this Troop shirt, these Vinties, and the lining of this Lullaby Layette jacket and Clean Slate pockets, I never tire of it!

maggie misses dress

Bugs selected her pearly buttons for the dress and this reinforces its vintage style.

violette fields dress pattern

It’s a shame my fabric is a little washed out in most of these photos but I love it! Make a Wish – Dandelions white.

maggie dress

I’m not usually one for a varied length hemline but I just love this one. I think because it is graded well with not too much length difference, and it gives it a lovely princess feel which I know Bugs appreciates.

violette fields dropped hem

And don’t you just love these split sleeves?!! They are one of my favourite features of this dress!

maggie dressweb17

The construction was fairly straightforward except for the sleeve yokes! Arrgghhh!!

violette fields

I actually made two of these dresses in about three days – one for me as well – for a family portrait photo shoot we were doing. Hopefully, you’ll get to see mine too one of these days when I get around to photographing it! (By the way, I just love it!) Anyway, the point is, I still didn’t feel I mastered these shoulder yokes even by dress two. Its the gathering and folding over and avoiding it buckling during the sewing…. Frustrating…

maggie dressweb5

Still, it won’t stop me making another because I was not disappointed by this dress for either of us! It sits well and feels so floaty and breezy and a little bit princessy!

violette fields maggie dress

Yes this is my Bugs pulling off some of her ballet moves!

maggie dress split sleeves

In fact, I have it in mind to make a replica of Buggy’s dress for me in the same fabrics. I love it!

maggie dress split sleeve

The only thing I didn’t have time for before our shoot was the separate empire waist belt. But now she’s worn the dress I’m not sure I will bother for her, although I will make it for mine.

maggie dressweb13

Yeah, I know, I’ve been drawing out this post to stuff it with as many images as possible… can you tell it’s a favourite?! 🙂

maggie misses dress

So I’ve left it till last to include two of my most favourite shots:

  1. Dandelion princess receives flowers from harem-pant-wearing hero

maggie dressweb21

2. One of the more common sights of our Bug – head in a book. In fact, she has loved books from such a young age, one of my favourite photos in Darwin is of her as a toddler sitting on a mountain of books in nothing but a nappy. This girl is going to soar next year at school when those words finally come alive for her!

maggie dress