When Hamster was 6-months-old he had a cute blue gingham collared shirt with sleeves and button straps to roll them up. It was then I knew I loved this look on little boys and where possible I try and put him in a collared shirt rather than a knit t-shirt even if it means more ironing!

troop shirt

I am so behind on newborn gifts it is ridiculous! The last few weeks have felt busier than ever, trying to achieve what I want to achieve. Despite staying up late regularly and then crashing and burning once a week I do not feel on top of things! For starters, this poor blog has been neglected! Photo shoots are backlogged etc etc and party season is looming! However, I did manage to get party invitations out this week and I did manage to finally send these sweet shirts to baby Harvey who has now lost his newborn look and gained the healthy grin of 6 months down the track.


Yay! It’s Tadah!’s Troop shirt, this one in Prism Pine Soft Cactus, available from Maai Design if you are in Australia. I cut one for Hamster in the orange toned version, oh probably 2 months ago, so I hope I finish it soon!


For this version of the Troop I think I used every option except the epaulets – straps for folding sleeves up, double flap pockets and button-up cuffs. I’m really happy with how my sleeve cuffs went compared to my first attempt during testing. The difference being that the great idea of using sturdy orange fabric on the tester cuff placket was not such a great idea as it was too heavy for the required folding over you need to do at the split. So happy with this one in comparison!


My second shirt was a mix up of fabrics I had left in my stash. But I love the fun feel it has. I think that car fabric could have been the first fabric I bought for Hamster sewing but never did anything with it.

collared shirt short sleeve

With the mix of fabrics I wanted to choose simple elements in the sewing so short sleeve and one pocket. Far less pieces to cut out! Phew!

collared short

And here’s the downside of sewing at night. I didn’t notice I had two versions of grey stripe fabric in my stash: one with white and the other with cream. They’re both in the shirt, so I’ve told Harvey’s dad to put this one on during dim light outings!

(Must also master the art of sewing a label on straight one day but I’m glad to finally be including sizing labels on my makes.)

The best thing about this shirt is, although it might take longer than a pair of duds to sew, there’s no guessing elastic measurements and wondering if the recipient ever wore the garment if it didn’t fit right. Well, I suppose that still might happen! C’est la vie.