I’m not big into costume making. I’m not sure why. And this Halloween has been no different. Especially when I walked past the Halloween aisle in Woolies and found I could deck the kids out for $30 including face paint and wig! So here we are trick-or-treating tonight or trickle and treating as Amch likes to call it. “I’m trickle-or-treating you” he cries waving his sword!


There’s mixed emotions in Australia about Halloween – whether it’s too American etc.. like that is always a bad thing, sorry my gorgeous US readers for Australia’s cynicism. But I like it and a couple of streets near us always get in on the act and the kids love it. We went to a house tonight with a garden full of faux graves and a lolly bowl with a scary hand that jumps out as you try and grab your loot – we remembered it from last year – except this year I could exclaim to the mum, “I know you, your Jane used to be in Hamster’s swim class!” The beauty of the neighbourhood!

So here we are all of us sugared up, especially me (my mouth is in a state of ulceration) as I’ve eaten way too many meringues and chocolate cupcakes (including batter)  as part of dear daddy’s last night’s Halloween birthday dinner. It was so fun, I think it might become a ‘thing’.

But I digress. WordPress tapped me on the shoulder today and told me my poor readers have not heard from me for a while and it’s true! My blogging has been scant but the sewing continues! Alas, the photo taking is what’s slowing me down, so this post I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine Cathie who is one of the talents behind Australian handmade store Sew Darn Ezy. We tested the Tadah! Tea Party dress together and she is one of the bright sparks you find in a group that inspires and makes you giggle along the way.


Rather than make the usual floral, predictable number she decided to use the Tea Party as her Halloween canvas to make the most remarkable outfit and subsequent photoshoot – a tea party in the cemetery. Before I go further, if this post offends please know that Cathie and her party had the most upmost respect for the beloveds buried onsite and you can find her full comment on this on the Tadah! blog including more photos if these aren’t enough!


I’m in awe of the creativity behind this shoot. The outfits, the facepaint, care of her daughter Cindy, and the use of the older ‘ghouls’ as the ‘extras’.


Above is the Tadah! Tea Party dress and Tadah! Troop shirt.


Then she added the Rabbit Rabbit Hourglass dress to the mix. One I haven’t made yet but have added to the ‘to do’ list. Those butterflies look like hours of work but I know my Bugs would love them!


Amazing hair too, right? Tutorial found here.


Here’s what Cathie had to say of their tea party: “The kids had a ball at the Cemetery, they had fun hiding in the trees and such; Leo lay down on one graves and had a little conversation. It was a real sense of peace there, nothing creepy about it at all and we think it was great that the kids were shown it was a nice place… we really think that there were a few extras enjoying the tea party we had after we finished photos also. It would have been along time between cuppas for many!”


So listen, if you love handmade and need someone to make you an outfit because I don’t sell my gear! (sorry friends!) head over to Sew Darn Ezy. The range is amazing and the quality spot on!

Happy Halloween!!