I had big plans on making a few shirts for myself this winter and the plan is unravelling. We go to Fiji this week and when we get back winter could almost be over.

And I’ve only made one long sleeve shirt.

The Anna blouse was meant to be shirt number two.


The problem is, I sewed (and serged… of course) the sleeves on and found them way too pinchy under the arms.

You know, I foresaw this happening and ploughed ahead regardless. I actually had compared the sleeves pre-cut to my Tunic shirt in order to make them full length rather than 3/4. During the comparison I could see that the Anna sleeves were so much narrower at the armpit and I should have trusted my instincts…

Anyway, after much stewing, I decided to snip the sleeves off, make some bias, cut the armholes a little deeper and make the top sleeveless. Phew!


I know I will wear this summer version and perhaps it is for the best as the voile (part of the Revelry line from Cloud 9’s Lisa Congdon) is pretty lightweight and more suited to warm weather.

anna_blouseweb3Not sure if you can tell in the photo above, the silver gives gorgeous little accents here and there!


What I love about this shirt is the keyhole and pintucks at the front which provide a sweet feature.


I requested hubby take a photo of the top section to show this feature a little more closely but he only seemed to capture my instructions on how to achieve the shot!


This is my first time french seaming. I love it! I’m so bad at maths I just can’t figure out if i try to employ french seaming on any old pattern whether I need to add more seam allowance to the garment. Perhaps one of you experienced readers can comment!


Despite the loss of the sleeves I do love the finish, but my search for another long sleeve blouse pattern ‘that works’ continues…