It’s August and winter does not have hold of us for too much longer, so I need to get my cold weather projects finished! Here’s one I’ve been planning for some time –
Compagnie M’s Mara dress. Yup, I’m on a roll with her stuff!


This time last year, (feels a century ago!) I made Bugs a Mara blouse (I cannot believe how her hair has grown and sadly dropped its curl) and I have been dying to make the ‘dress version’ for some time.


I’ve gone with size 6 in case winter decides to be brief (we can hope!) and she can still wear it next year, but as usual I have not added enough length (ok for now, not for next year!).


I love the bib feature of this dress and how it transforms a simple dress shape into a vintage lovely.


I give this sweetheart such a hard time about goofing off during photos, but she really works hard for me given she’s only 4 and would rather be running around and drinking in life.


The fabric is awesome isn’t it? It’s Made by Rae’s Fanfare. I’ve finally bought it.
I’ve finally sewed it. So happy!


In other news, Buggy has started learning Spanish. Class is held at a community centre in a lovely historical house right by the Harbour Bridge. One of these days we will not be running errands afterwards, and have a meander over the bridge or a play underneath on the big, green lawns. I’m making friends with one of the mums and we discovered today we both sew!