Feel like finding out about a new super special dress pattern for your little girl to feel a million dollars in? Look no further! The Ileana dress from Compagnie M has launched! 

ileana dress

This talented Belgian designer has released her new pattern packed with options galore and we were lucky enough to go through the testing phase with her again.


Of course, it immediately got the seal of approval from Bugs as I chose the full skirt option although you can do a half skirt version if you are limited on fabric. But who doesn’t love a twirl?!


Don’t you love the contrasting bias that finishes the hem and gives a twirling skirt a little flourish?! Actually, it made the hemming of the circle skirt a breeze and this is how I will finish all my circle skirts from now on!

But my favourite part of this dress has to be the bow collar.


A little finicky to hand stitch the piece so it sits just how you want it, but I love the look! (Let’s not talk about how I totally missed the instructions when to apply the collar, which resulted in me hand stitching the entire collar to the dress right at the end! What was I thinking!)

Your other collar options are a round or pointy peter pan or a flower collar.

The dress is lined in the bodice (you can also line the skirt if you wish) and of course that’s when I should have sandwiched my collar in! Still, we got a good result.


There are a number of pocket options to choose from but I loved the unique shape of these triangle pockets so on they went!


Similarly, when you choose your bodice and sleeves Marte has provided a short or longer raglan sleeve or a regular bodice and cap sleeve which was my preference this time around.


My fabric is gorgeous right? It’s Utopia by Frances Newcombe in the Art Gallery Fabric collection and purchased from Muddy Ruffles – an Aussie online fabric distributor run by sweet Cristy who I am getting to know over email!


Despite my zipper being navy (yes I was too lazy to get up to the shops), I think my invisible zipper placement improves every time until I saw Marte’s version and realised hers is truly invisible! Oh well, I’m getting there!


Finally, I have to thank my Bug for her commitment to this photoshoot. It was actually freezing this day and she persevered! At times a little Audrey Hepburn…


But most of the time, her goofy 4-year-old self, which suits me just fine!


For your Ileana dress pattern visit Compagnie M here and use the code ILEANA10 until August 11!