Tadah’s latest pattern to be released is the Tadah Troop shirt. If you want to learn how to sew a full tailored shirt then this is the project for you. It provides a simple button-down shirt with the array of add-on details and Lauren’s awesome detailed instructions to step you through each stage. And it comes in sizes 0000 – 16! No-one misses out! 


Because I was part of the testing group I thought I’d commit to every embellishment, but I stopped short of the sleeve straps – basically I got sick of cutting out pieces and I was running behind!


I have to admit I love a little boy in a button-down shirt. Maybe I just like seeing the mini versions mixed in with his daddy’s shirts in the washing basket, a sign of the big man he will become one day…


The pattern starts off preparing all the ‘bits’! – the interfacing, the plackets, the pocket, the straps. I don’t know why I always feel impatient at this stage. I just want to get on my machine and start sewing those straight lines! Happens every time…


Lauren gives you an option to shape the back and make it a bit more fitted. I opted to keep it loose and simply added the back pleat.


The basic shirt construction is straightforward enough, with a bit of rolling and perceptual skills required to attach the lined yoke. I love the shoulder straps to add a bit of spunk!


I also love the sleeve plackets for that finished look but I didn’t love the sewing of them. I think it’s a case of having an understanding of your endpoint and then it makes the sewing much easier. My second placket took half the time. My contrasting fabric was also pretty heavy and I think with a finer fabric the process would have been less frustrating.


Still, if you don’t look closely at the stitching, I think we pulled it off!


Are those pencil buttons cool or what?! I love that they can pass for 2-year-old cufflinks!


And how lucky for me to find a pair of chinos in Hamster’s drawer that matched the watermelon contrast perfectly. Not planned I swear!


Yes, I know what you are thinking, what a cheeky smile. Can you believe a tantrum had ensued just a minute before? Here’s the storm brewing…


Despite the rainbow of emotions this little guy is so easy to photograph! His speech is really coming on in the last few weeks too. I was reading a story to him the other night about a dad who was so hungry he exclaimed he could eat a horse. Hamster responds completely surprised at taking this literally, “Eat a horse??!!!” It’s now the catchphrase around the house.