This season, my goal has been to drill out some shirts for winter and find a few favourite patterns to sew for me. I figure it’s just a matter of trial and error to find something that sits just how I want it to. First up: Liesl + Co’s Gallery Tunic. When I saw this fabric in Spotlight and it’s super cheap price ticket I jumped at it. In a way it was serving as my ‘muslin’ but in the end I love it! 


The tunic has a super comfy fit with a placket at the front and back to provide some interest and movement. At first I wasn’t sure about the finished band collar, it felt too closed up to me, but actually you forget that real life involves moving around and not standing static at a mirror so I think it works just fine.


It has a lovely curved hem, which I think I mildly stuffed up in the sewing near the side seams but I can perfect that in the next version!


The front yoke involves a little bit of detail in the construction but it comes together well. I made the long sleeves from version two and just looking over the pattern now I realise I have not attached buttons! And I’ve worn the tunic a bunch of times already, but it works!


I think this shirt gets the thumbs up and although I squirm at having photos taken of me, it was nice to do the shoot and get a few pics with Bugs which is a rare thing we never get around to.